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Thread: Can't use both flippers (Switch)

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    Default Can't use both flippers (Switch)

    I just got a Switch for my birthday, and as a huge Pinball FX3 fan (since the days of Marvel Pinball on PS3) I was really excited to download it for the Switch.

    Except... It's unplayable?nox vidmate mobdro

    Why can't I use both flippers at the same time? In all the other versions, hitting both the triggers will activate both flippers at once. I know I'm a fairly amateur player, but I do this often. In the Switch version, only one flipper activates, and I have to let go of the one trigger for the other one to move.

    Is this supposed to happen? Any ideas on whether its a known issue or intentional? This has really spoiled the game for me to the point I can't really use it.
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    Didn't you just posted the same thing the other day on the PFX3 board? Any way the dev responded to it.

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