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Thread: Gah! Why didn't someone TELL me?!?

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    Default Gah! Why didn't someone TELL me?!?

    Just found out Zen Pinball came out for iOS...that's what I get for not checking teh interwebs as often as I should!

    Wow, my iPhone 4S is such a surprisingly excellent source of pinball goodness. Zen Pinball (and the Marvel tables which I just insta-bought), Pinball HD, Pinball if only all the tables that have been released for PS3/360 (barring the platform specific ones, of course...sigh) will come out as well!

    Thank you, Zen Studios, for providing one more thing to drain my 4S's stalwart battery even more, and making me wish I had an iPad 2 to enjoy these on as well!

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    Yeah - why didn't someone tell me that my iPhone4 will be to slow for this game!? There are no liquid gameplay yet GAH!!!

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