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  1. If you have the backglass in the right position in FX3, then you would at least see an error message that there is no JPG. PNG. BMP etc... that matches the table.
    The error message is on a black screen with white text, if you don't even see that, then you probably don't have the blackglass size and position correct.

    I don't know you monitor setup in windows display settings, if side by side and blackglass is screen [3]:
    then you position settings would be:
    Horizontal = PLAYFIELDwidth[1](1080) + DMDwidth[2](1920 or 1280 or 1440)
    Vertical = 0

    If you screens are stacked and blackglass is [3]
    then your positions would be:
    Horizontal = 0
    Vertical = -negative DMDheight[1](ex: -1280, -900 etc) + negative BACKGLASSheight[2] (ex: -1080, etc...) = -1980

    Hard to help with
  2. Thanks for helping with my DMD. I got that working. Still can't get the backglass working though. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Where do I place the image files? I'm pretty sure I put them in the right folder (same steam folder that the table files are in) and they are named the same as the tables. I have backglass repositioning option turned ON. Just can't get the image up to my second monitor from within the cabinet mode options. I really appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.
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