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  1. I want you to try something for me....because if you can replicate it, I think it'd make a great, albeit short, video for you hints and tips thread. On Wolverine, I found the most ridiculously easy way to activate the Claw Save. After you hit the saucer and light the "S" in SNIKT, hold out the left flipper. As the ball ejects from the saucer and rolls down the inlane, it will roll up the flipper. at the ball's greatest height (which isn't that high) height your right trigger, and the right flipper should make contact with the ball, and send it right back into the hole. You should be able to repeat this five times, almost religiously...thus enabling the Claw Save without so much as a ramp shot, or a bumper pass. Give it a whirl.
  2. Yo, can't add you to my FL, it says your GT doesn't exist, strange unless it was banned.
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