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  1. M8 it gives me great joy to know my Guides helped you achieve those feats. Thanks again, my Star Wars Guides will soon be available.

    I wish you, your Family & Friends a blessed Easter!
  2. just wanted to thank you for the table guides. got 1st place on SorcerersLayer, StreetFighter, and V12. it was a huge help on StreetFighter. couldn't have done it without it. i think V12 is a good bit different on Zen2. i'm assuming the guide was made for the 1st Zen.
  3. ok thanks. i could sure use the help.
  4. No probs m8 happy I could help, the Star Wars Guides should be done by the end of the Month btw.
  5. hey man. thanks for the add. i'm fairly new to pinball so i've been using your guides lol. you've done a great job putting them together. thanks.
  6. Hi m8
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