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    First, I want to express my gratitude for your table guides. I had an observation on the Tesla table that I have shared with ZEN that I would like for you to look at. It used to be if you got around 24,000 points or more, you would get the ball save. Now, regardless of how hard you hit it, the ball save only comes on every three or so times when you sink the ball into the ball save hole. When ZEN migrated to FX3 it worked fine, and then one day it didn't. I pointed this out to ZEN a few times and they tell me they have made no changes. Let me know what you think please. Reading your guide on Bobba Fett helped me get a high score within the top 100 on XBOX ONE. I never knew holding down the launch button would shoot a missile to help you complete a mission. I tried to do the shoot the neck of the Stormtrooper episode and when I touch either flipper it simply just shoots an errant shot. I will keep trying using your guide.
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