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  1. Part 3...

    I got lots of Beta codes back in the day, not because I but-kissed Zen, but because I had a real keen interest in the game and they could see that I wanted to help them improve the game and build a bigger user base. Carry on what you are doing out of your own passion and interest and forget the naysayers.

    Looking forward to your future videos.

  2. Sorry, didn't know that I only had a thousand characters - Part 2...

    I have one pet hate in FX2/FX3 and that is spammable modes where it basically take the skill required of playing the table as a whole out of the equation if you want to do well and set a high score. It would be great if you could identify and point those modes out in future videos as I always tried my best to make a big point out of it e.g. my Civil War and Paranormal clips, so that Zen can hopefully close those modes down and avoid modes like that in future tables.

    Awesome drop-catch... I'll test it in FX2 but I'm pretty sure you can't stop the ball more or less dead like you did there. It seems like they did update the physics, but not more than just a tweak, which makes sense if you take into consideration they don't want to change the gameplay too much as it would require of them to adjust all the existing tables even more.

    to be continued...
  3. Hi.

    Thanks for your videos. I unfortunately never had any good equipment so my video quality sucked! I'm glad you found it helpful though. When FX2 first came out in 2010, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to play strategically and efficiently. It probably took me about 3 - 6 months for things to click and then I ended being one of the top players. I enjoyed being so involved in the forums and produced a lot of content which was hopefully helpful to some. I played just about only FX2 until I continued my studies in 2012. Since then I have only played sporadically so there is probably 30 or so tables which I haven't really spent a lot of time on even though I bought all of them. I'm finishing my studies beginning of next year and then hopefully I'll get a chance to buy and Xbox One and get FX3. I still love the game and can still play for hours when I get the chance while I've outgrown just about all other gaming.

    to be continued...
  4. I did a follow up for the haters and the ball physics, I promise im not kissing zens butt or trying to get beta codes lol
    but i did do a drop catch in this video
    Btw Ive followed you on youtube for quite some time, nice content
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