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  1. Hello.

    Congratulations for your pinball games and the great effort on development that kinda games.

    I’m the founder and owner of the cabinet called “Promopinball”. We left one unit on your office at Budapest, that we hope can help your team to develop and test better the games.

    We want to ask you if Is possible to shake joycons on pinballfx3 for Nintendo switch to nudge the table?

    If this is not possible, i suggest to add this as a control option where the player could replace the left joystick to nudge with the shake movement of the joy-cons. This will add realistic functions to the cabinet vertical mode on switch.

    And also I detected that some tables has no possibility to plunger with the joycon right - joystick right as is expected to do , I must use the “a” buttton as plunger. By example FishTales Plunger doesnt works with the right joycon even changing the control on the game.

    Thanks and wait for your comments
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