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    So, I'm looking for threads in the XBox 360 forum. Usually, someone starts an "Official Thor Table Thread." or something to that effect, for each table. They're great to read because users give insight on the table which is very useful. When I go to search for these threads, I go to the search field in the upper right portion of the website and type "Official." I figure this will bring up a list of threads with the word "Official" somewhere in it. Not the case. Fine. Let's get more specific. I click on "Advanced Search." When the new window pops up, I click the box to the left of "Forums", type in keyword "Official", and choose "Search Titles Only", and click "Search Now." Nothing.

    Seriously? After manually searching by sifting through page after page after page of forum threads...I find several. this not churning up any results. Pretty please...with sugar on top. Fix the search function or at least make it more obvious the manner in which you much search for a single word in a thread title. This is mad crazy frustrating.