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  • Post is awaiting moderation?

    Yesterday, I was about to submit a reply to a thread I've been posting in before when an error message popped up, reading something along the lines of "Your post is awaiting moderation". I have no idea what could've triggered it (seems like an anti-spam measure) but roughly 12 hours later and still no sign of my reply. The discussion has moved on and my post seems to be stuck in Limbo.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    ... and it happened again. This gets a bit irritating. Am I only allowed to submit 1 post every 24 hours or something?

    The worst part is, I can't even use the auto-restore function because - as far as the forum software is concerned - I just submitted a post successfully, so it sees no need for that.

    Full error message below:


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      It's probably until you hit a certain number of posts. The forum has been plagued with endless advertisement post in the past. This is probably a new counter measure to combat the problem.


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        Thanks for chiming in!

        Yeah, that's probably it. It would still be helpful to know what exactly it is I'm doing that's triggering it. Because 10 posts in ~ 5 days - each a couple of hours apart - is hardly what I'd expect to get an anti-spam script up in arms.


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          had the same thing happen to me twice.