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  • Image Verification for all posts!

    Why is image verification needed for EVERY post? Seems once you are logged in this would not be needed! Or am I missing something within the personal settings?

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    We had a rather severe problem with spammers. At first, we didn't even have captcha (image verification) for registration. We got all sorts of automated users - dozens per day. Then, when we added captcha for registration, we got humans who did the registration manually and sent their spambots afterwards. The amount of spam posts was still overwhelming.

    Using captcha for all posts was the only way to solve the problem.


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      Oh, I understand now. I truly hate spammers and their bots They are one of the lowest forms of life in the online world if not the world in general. So whatever I have to do to get rid of them I'll do without complaint! Cheers!