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    How long has this been going on for? I only joined recently, and even though the threads are deleted after a while and member is banned, they just keep popping back up. There's no other way to counter this or something?
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    All that is required is for the forum moderator(s) to approve the first three or so messages from a new member before they get posted. This forum does not have that high a rate of new membership so it should not be too burdensome for the moderators. I saw this on another forum that I recently joined and it seems to work.
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      Yeah i'm getting sick of these spam bots. they need to die in a tire fire. even the most liberal filter should be able to spot this latest one.

      Does the site have Tapatalk integration? i believe the spammers are using a mdified Tapatalk app to post their spam, and the tapatalk integration bypasses new user moderation.

      look here

      senior member?!?!? join date three days ago?!?!? there's some hacking going on.
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