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After latest update (v1.25b) + More Feedback & Marine One

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  • After latest update (v1.25b) + More Feedback & Marine One

    Ever since the newest update - the game has been saying that the server data and local data is not synced and asking me to choose which one. This seems to come up 90% of the time I start it up.
    Crashing has also reduced quite a bit (even since the update before this one). Thanks for that.

    I also hope you guys will be doing more events, especially with getting Marine One to 5 stars since I can never see the blueprints for the ship.

    It's great that you have added the experience range needed to level up, and giving people the chance to gain more alien currency by watching videos.
    I still think you need to make the missions give more xp. If I am to complete a mission then it should at least give 1% of the xp needed to level up. Instead, it gives you a crumb and you barely go anywhere. Relying only on daily tasks to level up is the wrong way to do a leveling system. I do understand it though - it's a great way to slow down the player.

    Achievements should have xp rewards like I said before.
    The rescue missions are still cheap 'defeats'.

    Keep maintaining this game - it's great to play.

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    I am on Android, ill submit new post.
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