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Infinite Loading - cannot connect

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  • Infinite Loading - cannot connect


    Had fun playing this game, VIP 4 here.

    I barely completed this event with the odd blue fighter in the 51-60 tier. 2nd to last fight was almost impossible, but for some reason the last one was a peice of cake even with 10K more enemy strength.

    Anyway, now the game won't load anymore, stuck on the loading screen and a modal popup keeps appearing with the message "Cannot establish connection with the game server." No matter how many times I retry it still doesn't work. Is the server down?

    The connection seems to work, I still have store pop up in other games, can browse the app store and everything, just this game's connection stopped working. Been like this for over 2 hours now.

    Game version v1.28c, Ipad with Ios 9.3.4 and updating again...

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    Looks like it's back up now, but wow that was weird.


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      Originally posted by Zerp View Post
      Looks like it's back up now, but wow that was weird.
      Sorry about that - we had some server issues for a little while over the weekend.