Sony import is not working:

Did you check in your browser here: You need to log in and then click on your name next to your picture in the top right corner. Then if you click on "Download list" you should be able to see every game you have on your account. If you find the Zen tables you purchased, there should be an option to download for PS4.

OR: Select the game on the PS4, but do NOT run it. Push the down arrow to go to the "More Info" area of the game where it shows trophy info, overview, etc. One of the options is "My DLC". Once you got into that screen, you will be able to select your DLCs and redownload them.

You can try an alternate route by going into the PSN store on your PS4 and searching for the games in there. You should have the option to download them.

You could try going to (Settings) > [PlayStation Network/Account Management] > [Restore Licenses] as well.

If the problem still persists please contact us at [email protected]!