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    Import on Xbox One:

    Please consult these steps to help you with the import:
    Link your account in order to be able to import your previous purchases.
    When you arrive to the main Pinball FX3 dashboard, you will see an “Import Tables” message in the lower right corner. Just press the “X” button and the game will look for your previous purchases.

    At the end of the process you will receive a message with the import status. Exit Pinball FX3 and restart the game.

    Proceed to the My Collection screen and select your imported table. Select “Download & Play” to access your content.

    If you weren’t able to import one of the following tables, please find their product page in the Store and download them manually: Fantastic Four, Captain America, Doctor Strange, Civil War, Deadpool, Venom, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, Marvel’s Ant-Man, Star Wars™ Pinball: Star Wars Rebels™, Star Wars™ Pinball: Rogue One™, Epic Quest, Excalibur, Mars, Paranormal, Earth Defense.

    If you can’t find your DLCs for the Xbox game please check your Game library for the downloadable contents.
    Here’s an official guide from Microsoft:

    If you still experience difficulties with the imports, or you want to import from FX2 (Xbox 360 version) to FX3 (Xbox One version) please contact us at [email protected]!
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