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What tables would you like to see?

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  • What tables would you like to see?

    Do you got some suggestions for us? Let us hear them!

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    Addams Family, Twilight Zone, T2

    BUT would be awesome and amazing if somehow you were able to support the Direct Output Framework (DOF) that is used on Virtual Cabinets. I look forward in checking out the tables as they become released


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      Whitewater, Funhouse, Taxi, Twilight Zone, Addams Family, Creature, Black Rose, Whirlwind, and Big Guns are some of the first that come to my mind. Fish Tales and Getaway are some of my favorites as well, so I'm super happy to see you'll be launching with those!


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        I'd say for sure would be AFM, Scared Stiff, FunHouse, Whitewater, TAF, TZ and Doctor Who.


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          Oh yeah, can't believe I forgot Doctor Who, I love that one! Also just thought of Red and Ted's Roadshow, that's a favorite of mine as well.


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            INDIANA JONES, THE SHADOW, popeye, flinstones, MB, ToM, TotAN, TZ, Whitewater, Circus Voltaire, Pinball Magic, World Cup,

            the list goes on and on....


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              Tales of the Arabian Nights. And I TOTALLY second and third Addams Family.


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                Besides all the really obvious choices, I'd love to see Solar Fire again.

                I must have been 6 or 7 when this game came in to the little café that I grew up in. Initially, the only memories I had left of it after all these years were the magnet saves at the sides. That was until some kind soul helped me figure out what game it actually was. After looking up some gameplay on Youtube, it all came flooding back. Triggered by all the sounds especially.
                Looks to be quite a rare table as well, so I'd love to be able to play it once more as I don't think I'll ever be able to own the real deal.


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                  Indiana Jones! Been waiting forever for that one.


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                    Outside of the 90s tables, I'd like to see Scorpion get added in.

                    Also... how about Python's Pinball Circus? It's possible to recreate that, right? Even if the table was never finished in 1994, another company is working on completing it decades later.


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                      I would love to see:

                      - Twilight Zone
                      - The Addams Family
                      - Monster Bash
                      - Pinbot
                      - The Bride of Pinbot
                      - Terminator 2: Judgement Day
                      - Taxi

                      Just so many to list.

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                        Attack from Mars
                        Black Knight 2000
                        Cirqus Voltaire (Zsolt Kigyossy is *right* in front of that one in the video announcing the Williams tables... really hope this one is next )
                        Monster Bash
                        Star Trek TNG
                        Tales of the Arabian Nights
                        The Addams Family
                        Theatre of Magic

                        And what the hey, Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy.
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                          Pinball 2000 Revenge From Mars


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                              First, congratulation of getting the license! Im very happy to know i will be able to play WMS tables on my Switch!

                              For the suggestion / wishlist, ill start with what we havent seen already from TPA, i think there a lot of 80-90 pinball that could be a great addition.Here is a top 10 from each Williams and Bally id love to see:


                              - Space Station : My personal top wish from Williams table i havent seen digitally.
                              - Grand Lizard
                              - Fire!
                              - Bad Cats : Like we love cats dont we? They are breaking the internet! I really love to play that one!
                              - Big Guns
                              - Blackout
                              - Laser Cue
                              - Time Fantasy
                              - Congo : Might be a license issue?
                              - Indiana Jones : The Pinball Adventures


                              - Revenge from Mars : Like, everybody want to see this!
                              - Strange Science
                              - Vector
                              - Elektra: A triple playfield Pinball who simply look awesome!
                              - Space Invaders : Create this table and you will have a new fan as my best friend, it was is favorite pinball in the past, and never got into digital pinball. Youll have a new customer im telling you, and this table look very cool to play!
                              - The Bally Game Show
                              - Embryon
                              - The Pinball Circus. Like the rarest pinball machine ever created ( 2 created?), and totally unique. If you could create that it could be a digital achievement!
                              - The Shadow : Could there be license issue?
                              - Corvette

                              So thats it for now. Ill post later a top wishlist from pinballs we already seen in TPA, but seeing something new would be very welcome!