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    Ok here is a list of tables id love to see, from what have already been created in TPA. Each Williams and Bally have a must top 5 for me and another 5 iv enjoyed too. I made this list following your live facebook video that some ´licensed’ stuff cant be right away in, so ill shoot my top from non- licensed stuff, well the most i think there is no license attach like Terminator 2, Addams Family, Star Trek etc.

    Top 5 Willams

    - Bride of Pinbot. I love being a billionaire!
    - Firepower. Simple classic pinball i always enjoy.
    - High Speed. Yeah Gateway is in and really enjoy it, but High Speed is my favorite!
    - Jack*Bot. A lot of people might enjoy more the original PinBot, but Jack*Bot for me is more fun to play, perhaps its more easy?
    - Tales of Arabian Nights. One of the most fun pinball ever created!

    Other i like

    - Dracula ( licensing issue? )
    - Space Shuttle
    - Red & Ted Road Show
    - Taxi
    - Funhouse

    Bally Top 5

    - Attack from Mars. A classic everybody want!
    - Centaur. An old pinball which is very unique, love it
    - Xenon. An easy pinball, always fun to play, never get tired of it.
    - Scared Stiff. Could there be some licensing stuff here? Its Elvira licensed, not too sure if it youl require extra step to make it happen.Fun to play!
    - Theater of Magic. Pure fun!

    Other i like
    - Eight Ball Deluxe
    - Circus Voltaire
    - Indianapolis 500 ( licensing issue here? )
    - Cactus Canyon
    - The Champion Pub

    So thats it. Hoping to see a lot of these in Zen!


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      Pinball 2000 - Revenge from Mars
      Pinball 2000 - Star Wars
      The Addams Family
      Attack from Mars


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        I'd like to see The Six Million Dollar Man. It's a Bally table but I presume WMS acquired it when they swallowed their rival.

        I'd also like to make a general appeal for EM tables. Would love to see a few recreations with mechanical scores.


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          Hey Guys! Awesome suggestions, thanks a lot! We will forward your ideas to our developers, hope they can do something about it in the possible future!


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            I'm so glad the license for Bally/Williams is still alive.

            I second the suggestions for Blackout and The Shadow.

            1982's Defender has an interesting rule set and is challenging.

            Thanks so much guys!


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              Dirty Harry


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                High Speed / Getaway
                Safecracker - with a shortcut to play Assault the Vault without having to win a digital token
                The Pinbot Trilogy
                Cactus Canyon
                Indy 500
                Demolition Man
                and of course the all timers: Addams, Twilight Zone, Indiana Jones, 8 Ball Deluxe
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                  Top 10 tables already in TPA I would like to see redone:

                  1. Monster Bash
                  2. Tales of the Arabian Night
                  3. The Addam's Family
                  4. Theatre of Magic
                  5. Creature from the Black Lagoon(with all the songs)
                  6. White Water
                  7. Cactus Canyon
                  8. Circus Voltaire
                  9. Scared Stiff
                  10. Whirlwind

                  top 10 tables I would like to see that never got into TPA:

                  1. Indiana Jones
                  2. The Shadow
                  3. Flash Gordon
                  4. Medusa
                  5. Barracora
                  6. Space Station
                  7. Embryon
                  8. Grand Lizard
                  9. Defender
                  10. Blackout

                  11th and 12th alternate picks would be Alien Poker and Mata Hari
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                    My family used to have a Rollergames. It was sold when I was quite young which still irks me! I'd love to see that re-created.


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                      Indiana Jones would be fun to see more animated...



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                        Originally posted by Klopek
                        My family used to have a Rollergames. It was sold when I was quite young which still irks me! I'd love to see that re-created.
                        Agh! How awesome would it be to still have it and play it anytime


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                          The tables that I would like to see are, Williams Flash, Bally Mata Hari, 1978 Bally Playboy, creature from the black lagoon, Dirty Harry, Apollo 13. Thanks for the consideration.


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                            Originally posted by foofoorabbit
                            Attack from Mars
                            Black Knight 2000
                            Cirqus Voltaire (Zsolt Kigyossy is *right* in front of that one in the video announcing the Williams tables... really hope this one is next )
                            Monster Bash
                            Star Trek TNG
                            Tales of the Arabian Nights
                            The Addams Family
                            Theatre of Magic

                            This!.....and Pinbot and Bride of Pinbot.......



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                                Monster Bash ... my favorite table

                                Attack from Mars ... my 3rd choice after MM

                                and after :
                                Tales of the Arabian Nights
                                Theatre of Magic
                                Cirqus Voltaire