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  • dave950lam
    Yes, definitely wouls like to see some Early 80's Williams/Bally pins, and would like to see some EM's:

    Air Aces
    Captain Fantastic
    Space Mission

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  • rollergoalie16
    Would love to see some Williams System 4-11 pins get some love.

    Flash - 1979
    Laser Ball - 1979
    Blackout - 1980
    Scorpion - 1980
    Jungle Lord - 1981
    Solar Fire - 1981
    Pharaoh - 1981
    Barracora - 1981
    Cosmic Gunfight - 1982
    Laser Cue - 1984
    Coaster Trilogy (Comet, Cyclone, Hurricane)
    Grand Lizard - 1986
    Police Force - 1989

    Just to name a few off the top of my head

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  • Sebinouse
    Monster Bash ... my favorite table

    Attack from Mars ... my 3rd choice after MM

    and after :
    Tales of the Arabian Nights
    Theatre of Magic
    Cirqus Voltaire

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  • eyeruh

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  • teamski
    Originally posted by foofoorabbit
    Attack from Mars
    Black Knight 2000
    Cirqus Voltaire (Zsolt Kigyossy is *right* in front of that one in the video announcing the Williams tables... really hope this one is next )
    Monster Bash
    Star Trek TNG
    Tales of the Arabian Nights
    The Addams Family
    Theatre of Magic

    This!.....and Pinbot and Bride of Pinbot.......


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  • Sbowles06
    The tables that I would like to see are, Williams Flash, Bally Mata Hari, 1978 Bally Playboy, creature from the black lagoon, Dirty Harry, Apollo 13. Thanks for the consideration.

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  • McLovin
    Originally posted by Klopek
    My family used to have a Rollergames. It was sold when I was quite young which still irks me! I'd love to see that re-created.
    Agh! How awesome would it be to still have it and play it anytime

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  • mon72
    Indiana Jones would be fun to see more animated...


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  • Klopek
    My family used to have a Rollergames. It was sold when I was quite young which still irks me! I'd love to see that re-created.

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  • Blkthorne
    Top 10 tables already in TPA I would like to see redone:

    1. Monster Bash
    2. Tales of the Arabian Night
    3. The Addam's Family
    4. Theatre of Magic
    5. Creature from the Black Lagoon(with all the songs)
    6. White Water
    7. Cactus Canyon
    8. Circus Voltaire
    9. Scared Stiff
    10. Whirlwind

    top 10 tables I would like to see that never got into TPA:

    1. Indiana Jones
    2. The Shadow
    3. Flash Gordon
    4. Medusa
    5. Barracora
    6. Space Station
    7. Embryon
    8. Grand Lizard
    9. Defender
    10. Blackout

    11th and 12th alternate picks would be Alien Poker and Mata Hari
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  • sykora44
    High Speed / Getaway
    Safecracker - with a shortcut to play Assault the Vault without having to win a digital token
    The Pinbot Trilogy
    Cactus Canyon
    Indy 500
    Demolition Man
    and of course the all timers: Addams, Twilight Zone, Indiana Jones, 8 Ball Deluxe
    Last edited by sykora44; 09-13-2018, 07:05 PM.

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  • gazuk73
    Dirty Harry

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  • curlyjoe
    I'm so glad the license for Bally/Williams is still alive.

    I second the suggestions for Blackout and The Shadow.

    1982's Defender has an interesting rule set and is challenging.

    Thanks so much guys!

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  • Chili
    Hey Guys! Awesome suggestions, thanks a lot! We will forward your ideas to our developers, hope they can do something about it in the possible future!

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  • KPolice
    I'd like to see The Six Million Dollar Man. It's a Bally table but I presume WMS acquired it when they swallowed their rival.

    I'd also like to make a general appeal for EM tables. Would love to see a few recreations with mechanical scores.

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