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Cabinet feedback (solenoids, shakers, SSF, etc) and lighting support. Easy!

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  • Cabinet feedback (solenoids, shakers, SSF, etc) and lighting support. Easy!

    It would be fantastic if Zen could implement support for feedback (solenoids, shaker motor,etc) and lighting (RGB led strips, beacons, strobes,etc) used in virtual pinball cabinets.

    This has already been well established, and the work has already been done for almost every table out there in the virtual pinball community through the Direct Output Framework (DOF).

    We aren't asking Zen to implement the code,etc for the feedback. Simply adding in some kind of simple output of the various table actions (triggers, switches, lights, etc) that can be read and used by other programs is all that is needed. Very simple to implement, and would make it easy for any other program to work with FX3!

    The community can do the rest!

    Please consider this. As enthusiasts, we can assure you that if you added this, you will get many many more customers and your product will absolutely shine in a cabinet.

    If you need more information about how this can work with DOF, please contact me.

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    Well said "TerryRez" (if that is your real name!!?? LOL)



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      Wow an impressive first beta!

      I built a cab in 2011 and still play it daily. I mostly use Visual Pinball VPX and Zaccaria but would love to put this into the cabinet so the above requests would be awesome!

      Additionally it would be great if the software can render the animated backglasses onto a second monitor like Zaccaria ad VPX (using B2S). Thanks!


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        Building a switch cabinet

        I am building a cabinet using a Nintendo’s Switch for pinball fx3 which is awesome. But even whith only One monitor I would like to have some force feedback so I am testing with a pro controller hacked to link to real pinball buttons and the rumble motors to send signals to ralays and actiators and leds.
        What I keep rhinking is that it coud be a partnership betwen zen and someone to create an USB board to hook all these toys and even sold as an official hobist kit, but I know it is only a distant dream