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Any way to suspend play to take a close look at the table itself?

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  • Any way to suspend play to take a close look at the table itself?

    Hey everyone at Zen and the forum, I'm sure this question has been asked or possibly common knowledge, and my query comes from the Switch release, so I apologize if this doesn't fit here. My main gripe with Pinball FX3 is that I can't see the table itself no matter the view I take. It's incredibly frustrating to wrap my head around the intricate gameplay when I can't clearly see what I'm looking at further up the table. I've played various Zen tables since 2012 or so and always enjoyed myself (I now play on Switch), but this inability to read, comprehend, make judgement calls (I leave luck to heaven trying to make the Medieval Madness launch multiplier because I cannot see which lane is lit), or simply admire the artwork found everywhere on the table or cabinet is truly frustrating. The table guide is helpful, but it's bare bones, and it's the one area that I would work on patching in after everything is said and done. Hell I don't know, maybe there is a way to do this already, and I am not finding this feature? I know maybe not many others care about this, but this is incredibly important to me as a rekindled customer. Even with your original works, I think that a user controlled camera with zoom is a no brainer for a QOL win. I hope you consider this, and again, if there's already a way, please let me know!

    That being said, THANK YOU for doing this! You guys are masters, the physics feel great, and I'm glad you took your time making it just right, and continually tweaking it because you listen. I've been glued to Junkyard (I've purchased the Bally/Williams Vol 1 and the Balls of Steel pack or whatever you call it) as it was a favorite of mine in my arcade while I was GM. Also I saw the teaser trailer, and I spied a THEATRE OF MAGIC manual! Take my money. I am beyond excited for that work of art. Hopefully that's in Volume 2.

    Okay. That's literally my only gripe. It's a huge one to me, but I have to say I am impressed and I look forward to new tables and improvements in the existing ones! Thanks for your time!


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    Hold down the Y button and move the left analog stick to get a close up view of the table. This can be done even while playing a game. Once you hold down the Y button, the game will pause so you can look around.


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      Shogun00, THANK YOU SO MUCH! On Nintendo, it is the X button as the Y controls zen powers. This is a savior to me. After I posted this I actually thought that even a high-quality scan would do fine but I really do enjoy the look of the 3-D model up close better. However, the fact that the camera centers itself after you move it in any direction forces both of my hands to be doing something while I’m trying to concentrate on any part of the board that is not the center. What use does this serve, I wonder? How do I take notes when both my hands are tied? Wouldn’t you want this to be a free roaming camera that requires as little consistent interaction as possible while taking it in? If the centering is a choice to deter confusion, maybe a free roam mode could be unlocked after 5 seconds of holding instead? Whoa, I could just take a switch capture too! Just thought of that, heh.
      Anyways, that’s a true nitpick, and I’m just glad I can see everything in great detail! STOKED!


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        You know what? That nice menu lady may have told me about the extended functionality of the view button if I would have just gave her a chance lol


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          Long time ago I used to stitch together overhead images for tables that you could find on the Zen pinball site. I haven't done that (or looked if that is still possible) in a long time. I see ShoryukenToTheChin still includes them in his table guides so either Zen provides it to him directly or he is still getting it / stitching it from somewhere. Anyways, as soon as the new table guides are released, you can take a look at them in his guide or maybe he can tell you where to get hold of it.
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            Originally posted by dustburn View Post
            Shogun00, THANK YOU SO MUCH! On Nintendo, it is the X button as the Y controls zen powers.
            I had a feeling I was going to mess up the button. I play the game on the PS4, so it's the square button for me.

            I'm not sure if the Switch version is able to do it, but it might since it also has motion control. Try holding down the X button and tilt the controller to move the camera. The PS4 version allows you to move the camera either with analog stick or the tilt function.

            It might be easier on your hands.