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    Punisher is a great game, and for 9.95 it feels like a steal. But the online is really really lagging. Its nearly unplayable all the time. You can shoot and 10 second after you let off the trigger you are still shooting, it makes it impossible to aim properly at anybody or to actually hit your target. I know people who would like to get this game but if it just lags like last night no one will. I would stop playing if it lags like that all the time. I think you guys need to get a patch up quick to get the full potential out of your game and maybe even increase the palyer cap to 10 people in a room or 12. Either way the lag needs to be fixed soon or the game will lose alot of interest.

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    I agree, it's slow and laggy, but I definitely don't think it's unplayable. Hopefully Zen patches it.


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      Well yeah its not exactly unplayable, I played two rounds online and they both lagged like crazy. the whole time i palyed i would fire and it would shoot a second later then my guy would jump from place to place and so would the enemy i was shooting at. The third game I tried to get into just disconnected me before I could even enter the game. I was playing 3 on 2 my team having two people and I got 11 kills and my partner got 2, so yeah its not unplayable but close to it, its just frustrating when you switch your gun and then your other gun is still up then it fires, then it switches guns then fires the secondary gun than switches back to the other gun and gets you killed. I just want to feel like I'am controlling my character correctly and shooting where and when I want to shoot.


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        The game story mode is good but not finished.
        And as for the multiplayer haze you urgently need a patch because when you can not play perfect but when you let it most often comes to despair.


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          Online is definitely "unplayable"! I don't have the extreme lag like others have complained about but online is just a jittery skipping nightmare. I cannot aim accurately because players are just bouncing left and right. Tracers and streak marks for bullets are not rendered so you can't tell if people are shooting near you. I get instant deaths from non-headshots...probably because someone unloaded on me, but the network code didn't tell me. The online is horrendous which is too bad because I wanted to unlock items, but what's the point if the lag is so bad you can't rely on skill?

          For a $9.99 game I'd cut it some slack but this game only has 8 player support and no item drop persistence. The network code isn't keeping track of other things like dropped weapons, ammo boxes, turrets, spectators, vehicles or even a flag...why the poor latency then?

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            i agree with the lag and i didnt understand either, being its only 4 on 4 in deathmatch last night when i played when pumping my shotgun it pumped itself before my characters hand even moved and than when i went to reload the puimp handle was moving back and forwth while i was putting shells in it

            also i noticed when switching to another gun the game will draw the gun put it away and than draw again and by that time i would have been shot or having to respawn because another player killed me. And knife kills are so laggy its a waste to even try and use the knife i found out you have to finish the kill with a knife by pressing the swing button atleast two plus feet away just to make you mark while running toward a enemy

            Dont get me wrong i feel the same as most of you guys 10 bucks is a steal for the graphics and game play but with the lag and the small player count the largest maps liuke the shipyard bother me because there were times if i was not lagging i would just run around looking for another player to shoot.

            I also and last thing i will say on my soap box is the weapon upgrades i love the feature but i dont like the execution because i feel that as a player we should be able to choose if we want the upgrade or not but the weapons upgrade no matter what and if say a person likes the upgrade two only on the arm-5 it does not matter because once you shoot to many opponents the weapon is ugrading.


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              We are already working on a patch, that will hopefully address the lag related issues.