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Important Lag - ZEN pls help!

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  • Important Lag - ZEN pls help!

    I been waiting for 20 minutes (i am still waiting) for enter a game... this lag issue is a major one... i will consider this a priority for team ZEN... if you guys can´t solve this soon... i am sure you will be losing a lot of followers... and this awesome game will be dead before its birth.

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease help us!!!

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    So true. Irritating to wait so long to find other players especially when the limit is 8. You and one other guy sit in the lobby forever, then someone shows up so the stupid timer resets so you wait some more, someone gets pissed and leaves and if the game does connect you're playing a lagfest with just two people. Unacceptable. $10 or not this is ridiculous.

    I just gave up playing this online. I don't need to waste time watching a jittery skipping mess. It would be nice if the weapon switch didn't lag too and stop cycling through the guns. How about making the respawn loadout menu not cycle through the weapons because of the direction the left stick is pressed when you die?

    Does Epic Games not license their netcode when they license out their engine? Unreal Tournament 3 is far superior online(gameplay speed, weapon count, power-ups, projectiles tracked, items drops tracked, player count and especially latency) even if someone else is it displays their ping.

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      Hi there,

      We are already working on a patch, that will hopefully address the lag related issues.