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    Discuss the Punisher movies:

    I just saw War Zone, even though I heard it was terrible, No Mercy got me hyped to see it. It was really retarded and beyond over the top, but I still had fun watching it. It was cool to see things from that movie that appear in this game, like the glass recycling plant, The Punisher's look, & his lair as the character customization background. The hotel from the movie would make a pretty cool level.

    I wish the studio didn't suck & allowed them to make a true sequel to the Thomas Jane Punisher. It was a really good movie and as far as comic book movies have come in the past few years, I think a true sequel would've been amazing.

    I haven't seen the Dolph Lungdren Punisher from the 80's in years but I remember not liking it because he never had the skull on his shirt lol.

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    Lol @ Dolph Lungdren Punisher, That kinda turned me off as well when i was younger, i saw it when i was like 5 and just didnt understand if that was the punisher where was the skull?


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      ive seen all three films and loved them all

      i think warzone had some campy scenes but it stuck very close to the comics back story which makes it a great watch even to new comers to the character i think the film was just bashed so much no one gave it a chance


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        Yes, Punisher movies seem hard to do good. I think Warzone was the best one so far, and I hope to see Ray Stevenson back for an actual TRUE sequel. Three films, no sequels. That tells you something there. Thomas Jane's portrayel was good, but just couldn't dig on that script. Dolph's 80's flick, just no. No. No. No.


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          i honestly think the dolph version of the movies was the best one, was a better movie without taking into consideration the comic book anyway


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            I have played war zone it was awesome. Is Punisher no mercy come on PC?
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