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Earth Defense multiplier glitch

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  • Earth Defense multiplier glitch

    ok, i wish i recorded this because i do not think any of you will believe me.

    was playing earth defense, just normal play without copy / pasting the save files over and over, got around 30 million and lost my first ball, everything seemed normal, got a skill shot....and then i got a 16x multiplier at the very start. im thinking to myself "ok, i should take a picture of this and save the game to back this up", i never did that though. i lost the ball and when it was doing the bonus points, it only counted my multiplier as 1x. why did i get a 16x multiplier at the very start of the game @[email protected]?

    Edit: and to add, when i tried getting another multiplier it did nothing, didn't even make me go any higher.
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