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    Table Ideas

    Three Stooges Table
    The table could feature their well known enemies (man in gorilla suit, mad scientist) and skits. The best part would be the audio cues. CURLY: "WhooopWhoopWhoopWhoop", "Moe! Larry! Help!", barking like a dog. MOE: "Get outtta here!", "Why, I'll brain ya!", "I'll murder ya!", "Get over here you numbskull!." LARRY: "What a maroon!"

    Dragon Quest Table
    Unless Square-Enix has a DQ pinball game in development, they might do it. They recently showed a willingness to collaborate when they worked with Google to create a just-for-fun "Quest Mode" for Google Maps that uses classic 8-bit Dragon Quest assets to render accurate Google map data that looks like a DQ overworld. (Added to Google Maps as a stunt for this past April Fool's Day.)

    Bring Nightmare Mansion over to 3DS

    B. Kliban Cats Table
    A table based on the cat comic artwork of B. Kilban.
    "Love to eat them mousies, mousies what I love to eat. Bite they little heads off, Nibble on they tiny feet."

    HR Giger Table
    A table based on the artwork of HR Giger (mainly his bio-mechacnical-era work) with the "alien" from Necronomicon, his biomechanical landscapes, the paintings from his New York series, his homemade Ghost train, and all of his bio-mechanical paintings and scultpures not tied up by Fox. CyberDreams released games based on his art in the 90's, TG-16's classic Alien Crush pinball game blatantly ripped it off, etc. – so Fox doesn't monopolize Giger's biomechanical art just because they own the Alien films.

    Leslie Hall Gem Sweater Table
    A table featuring images, art, and music themed around Leslie Hall / Leslie and the Lys.
    Leslie Hall:
    Blame the Booty:
    How We Go Out:

    Elvia, Mistress of the Dark Table
    A brand new table (since she recently started doing her show again and has always been interested in marketing her brand.) It could be an original table or a recreation of the existing tables by Midway/Bally (Elvira and the Party Monsters / Elvira, Mistress of the Dark: Scared Stiff).

    A Space Probe Table
    An astronomy and cosmology-based table with star fields, black holes and time dilation effects, wormholes, pulsars, quasars, exo-planets, radio telescopes, x-ray telescopes, infrared telescopes, satellites, meteors, comets, orbits, gravity assists, a velocity meter going up to light speed and beyond, variable gravity, the plasma-based VASIMR drive, Alcubierre's proposed method of faster-than-light travel, phase transitions, bubble nucleation and big bangs creating new universes, alien signals, etc.

    A 1984 Table
    Rather than having anything to do with George Orwell's 1984, this table could literally be about the year 1984 with Jackson-Pollock-inspired modern art, 80's synth tunes, ratted hair, lines of cocaine, out of control vanity and self-absorption (the table surface is mirrored, and you can see vague reflections of yourself if you hook up the PS3 cam), expensive brand names, champagne wishes and caviar dreams, classic 80's arcade game and pinball sounds, and severe women dressed in black dresses, stilletto heels, shiny red lipstick, and too much rouge. The flippers could be oversized shoulder pads.
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      I have heard from a source on my 3ds that zen has discused working on nintendo themed tables! Not sure if they are just in talks or have confirmed it. My sourse said mario and zelda. Not sure the other two.

      Let me revise this. I'm asking for his source. Zen might have only said they would like to work on Nintendo themed tables. At least it still heading in the right direction.
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        Originally posted by Tech101
        Let me revise this. I'm asking for his source. Zen might have only said they would like to work on Nintendo themed tables. At least it still heading in the right direction.
        There is no source just speculation and assumptions.

        Zen has done table exclusives for both Microsoft and Sony, so it's safe to assume that there will be exclusives for Nintendo. Everything else is just speculation at this point.
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          I agree with you Tech101. I have also same suggestion for that.Mario and zelda have the nintendo themed tables.


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            To be honest, I'd really like to see some Capcom tables. I mean, there was already that SF table in the past.

            Ghost Trick

            This features the main middle of the table as the phone line, with the ball as Sissel. As you fling yourself around the table you'll be able to go to all different parts of the GT world. Maybe we could have holes on some parts of the table that lead to other mini tables like Kamila's house, the Submarine, Chicken Kitchen and the junkyard which each have their own theme music with the main tables one being the Ghost Trick main theme or a remix of it. Around the rest of the table are mini locations like the park, superintendents office, justice ministers office, the jail, etc. Oh, and the enemy on the board would either be [Semi-Spoiler alert: Yomiel] or the evil commander guy from the submarine (Commander Sith?). However, the mini tables would have an enemy of their own. (Eg. Kamila's Apartment: Tengo, Junkyard: Jeego, Chicken Kitchen: Beauty & Dandy, Submarine: Sith's Robotic looking Servant.) Minigames would include firing your ball into certain objects. Your assistant should be Missile.

            That's my most fleshed out idea.

            I would also like to see:
            A Megaman table with different boss battles that change the table completely. (Eg. Skullman table,etc.)

            An Ace Attorney table with you having to face Payne, Edgeworth, Franziska, Godot, Klavier (Optional) and Von Karma in that order. I mean, how much fun would it be to fire a pinball all through the court. You should also be able to hit the Judge with it. (Boss battles would have you hitting Objection bubbles and Evidence blocks.)


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              Originally posted by AlgusUnderdunk
              I was thinking more about a Mario table and I did a few concept sketches and such, but anyway here are the idea I had:

              On the entry-ramp for the table, are ten enemy lights that, when the ball's ready to be launched, will illuminate and darken until the ball is launched. Launch when all ten are lit, and you get the classic Mario 1-up sound and a skillshot bonus.

              Get into a warp pipe on the table to access a mini inset table made up to resemble the classic Mario underground. Two additional flippers inside let you flip the ball into side-scrolling drop-target goombas in an attempt to hit block targets at the back of the mini-table. Most of them will give you points, but ONE of them will drop away, allowing access to a back ramp that gives you a Warp Zone bonus.

              The classic hills with eyes from the Mario world, one of them lowers its facade to reveal three rolling drums that mimic the 'match game' from Mario Bros 3. Each drum is stopped when a shot is hit into the hill. Match up all three pieces for a bonus.

              Castle Mini-Table:
              Get the ball to the top of a classic Mario Bros castle to access a mini-table. Access is essentially a track with gaps that can be jumped with properly timed flipper presses which make small cylinders pop up. Once in the mini-table, a backdrop of the old Mario world 1-1 sidescrolls past, and in front of it two ramps alternatively raise and lower. Flipping the ball into the scrolling backdrop will net you points if you hit enemies or blocks. Make it all the way to the end of the level to trigger a fireworks bonus.

              To trigger some special events, repeatedly strike the flagpole to raise the flag. Get it to the top, start an event.

              Lakitu Multiball:
              Activate this and a small mechanical Lakitu will descend into his cloud and lift out, tossing pinballs onto the field.

              Bob-Omb Event:
              The ball turns into a shiny lil' bob-omb with white eyes, and before time runs out and your ball explodes, you have to knock it into one of the fortresses on the field to blow them up. Blow up the two smaller fortresses then knock the ball into the base of the Castle MiniTable for a big score!

              Superstar Event:
              Go invincible and hit every enemy you can! Drop-target enemies pop up all over the table.

              Airship Event:
              Chase the airship as it flies to various orbits. Catch up with it five times to access the backboard of the table, where you get your ball suspended to the wall by magnets. Press a flipper to lift the ball, release to drop. Dodge all the obstacles of the airship which will knock your ball back into the table get the Airship score!

              Bowser Event:
              Mario and Bowser do battle as mini-figures, and you control the attacks and dodges based on hitting orbitals and drop targets.

              Some of the other toys on the table include large mushrooms as bumpers, rails designed to look like warp pipes, and so on! Anyway if I ever manage to doodle it up to my satisfaction I might scan them and put them online for people to see but right now it's just rough notes.
              I remember playing the Super Mario table a LONG time ago as a kid. Then when pinball came to virtual consoles, I always wanted to see how it would turn out. Your ideas for a table like this is so far ahead of realism that I swear I thought you were working for Zen. These specs here is immaculate!

              I can see Zen doing this for the new WiiU for sure. That would be an INCREDIBLE launch for DLC. Seriously. I sign this petition a million times over. (I know its not a petition, but still I'll sign!) Amazing job, Algus! Simply amazing!
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              Tables Wishlist- Hanna-Barbera 4 pack, Holiday table, DC tables, or any Zen table...even if it's My Little Pony


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                Hmm for me I'd like a Bedtime Table: Stars, relaxing music, stuff animals and things you would find in a bedtime setting. To score, hitting different colored teddy bears and stars. The table could have a dim light setting. With added sound affects too! I think it would be a fun table to play while in bed cozily.


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                  Discworld would be cool

                  Originally posted by AlgusUnderdunk
                  I'm certain Zen Studios has a team of experts who wrack their brains coming up with all of these excellent tables, but I figured it couldn't hurt to throw a few ideas their way in a helpful little manner...

                  1.) Discworld
                  After a friend of mine played Zen Pinball 3D he suggested the Terry Pratchett universe would yield up a good pinball table and I had to agree, with things such as giant trolls, Rincewind's luggage devouring the ball and scampering it around, Death narrating the game, knocking the ball into a nest of Nac Mac Feegle, having a central area that opens to reveal four elephant bumpers, missions such as delivering mail for Moist von Lipwig by hitting the ball through orbitals, helping the Watch put out Ankh Morpork when the city catches on fire, working for the Assassin's guild by hitting drop-targets, gathering ingredients for a witch's brew, etc.
                  I have all the Discworld Books except the last one and have played the old PS1 games, I think a Discworld Table would be great, they could include a video mode on the screen like on Ghost Rider where death has to ride Binky avoiding trees, tall buildings and random stuff flying towards him in the wind.


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                    I just got two more ideas and I couldn't wait to share them. The first is inspired by a movie called The Radioland Murders, and the second was inspired by.... food.


                    Set in the 1930s, this table is a murder mystery staged inside of a giant radio station's studio, the sort of studio that hosted a live audience! Someone bumped off infamously nasty radio critic Fells LaRoot, and now everyone's just dying to find out whodunnit! Keep your flippers flying and keep the cast and crew alive!

                    Rotating Stage: The main stage of Radioland in the back of the table rotates to change between three different groups, including a big band, a group of actors, and advertisements. The stage can be rotated by hitting a number of drop targets, and by rotating it you change which ramps lead where, as well as which dialogue or music will play as the table goes.

                    The Murder Mystery: The main event is to find out whodunnit, it's going to be one of six possible suspects, the stage manager, the host, the announcer, the pageboy, the writer, and the director. As you hit certain targets and ramps, you'll collect clues. But when you get a certain amount of clues, one of the six suspects will suddenly be in danger of getting bumped off next! Each of them is represented by a specific ramp or orbital, and you'll have ten seconds to get to them or they'll get colorfully bumped off. Nothing gruesome, but mostly comical. Save them, and you'll get bonus points. Save them all AND catch the killer to get a trophy and a huge pay-off!

                    Death Events: Prevent these to save the characters. The table will go dark when someone's in danger, with only a few ominous things lit up, along with the ramp indicator. Here's what happens should you fail:
                    The Announcer: The booth containing the announcer will flash brightly and a silohuette of a flailing skeleton will appear as he's electrocuted by a sabotaged mic!
                    The Stage Manager: Get to the rotating stage as it starts to malfunction, or you'll hear him get squished backstage!
                    The Pageboy: You'll see the elevator passage open, but with no elevator! Stop him before he falls to his doom!
                    The Host: Someone's sent the host some explosively expensive cigars! Get to his booth before an explosion blasts open the side of the table!
                    The Director: Someone's about to shove him out the window wrapped in audio cables! Get up there and save him!
                    The Writer: Someone's mixing up a dangerous cocktail for the writer! Don't let him take a single sip, or you'll have to hear him croak!

                    Lights-Out Panic Multiball:
                    Trigger Lights-Out when you save five of the six suspects, and you'll trigger multiball! The lights will go out and start flashing crazily, and you'll need to send officers to each of the exits to make sure the killer doesn't escape! Capture the killer for a huge bonus!

                    Audience Appreciation:
                    During all of this craziness, there's still a show going on! You can keep the show going by pulling off certain shots. Every shot on through the script spinner will keep the story going, and keep it going long enough and you can get a bonus for finishing off the story. The Zen writers could have a blast writing up little Lone Ranger/The Shadow style mini-scripts for the tiny actors. The stories could even be set in the other tables. (When we last left our hero, he had just stumbled upon the legendary city of El Dorado...) The main artwork for the body of the table will be the audience's seats, which will illuminate the more popular the show is. Fill up the audience by completing the show despite the craziness, and you'll rack up the points!

                    Twirling reel-to-reels that play different foley effects based on what's currently one stage.

                    Phew. Anyhoo, I think that could be a fun crazy table... plus I like the idea of a murder-mystery table. Here's the next table...


                    Get cooking! You've got hungry customers and a disassembled staff! Get them together and make some chow! Throughout the entire game you'll hear an outraaaaahgeously French chef bellowing out commands and insults. He'll stalk around the kitchen in the back, waving a frying pan with the skill of a samurai.

                    The Kitchen: The biggest piece of this table is a number of small mini-pieces that lead to one another differently based on the currently selected food. The mini-pieces include events such as balancing the pinball across a spatula, jumping it over a swinging knife, stirring it in a pot with well timed button presses, flipping it in a pan, and rolling out ingredients back and forth with two magnets! The order they're done in and the ones that are done change based on what is ordered.

                    Ingredient Ramps: Activate or Deactivate ingredients by hitting ramps and orbits. Be careful! Some ingredients don't go together. When you've got a specific meal requested, you need to get specific ingredients. The bonus you get in the end is affected by how well you managed the mini Kitchen sections, and if you have the right ingredients.

                    Service! The bumpers take the appearance of tables with patrons at them (the patrons high enough to not be hit by the pinballs), so when you've finally got a meal ready, you can get a bonus by hitting the bumpers and passing out the food.

                    Brigade de Cuisine: Add to your staff to improve the scores you can get. Get the Sous Chef, the Baker, even the Dish Washer to get points. Each of them requires a specific combination of shots and actions so they can join up.

                    Lunch Rush Multiball: Panic! Service! GET IN THERE! We've got hungry customers and waiters racing all over the place! You can get big points from hitting the bumpers, but only if you keep flipping shots up the ramps to load up your trays!


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                      Awww Yeah Came up with more Ideas!

                      Little Big Planet Table, Metroid Table, Exclusive "Zen" table, Kid Icarus Table.


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                        Originally posted by LumaFan")
                        Little Big Planet Table, Metroid Table, Exclusive "Zen" table, Kid Icarus Table.
                        Little Big Planet is a Sony property.


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                          yes very good bandage dresses


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                            Originally posted by wolddress
                            yes very good bandage dresses
                            Oh yes, A Bandage Dress table would be fine!