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  • ???South Park???

    Really??? It's not coming out with all the other versions? Not that I care since I won't be getting it either way but I thought Zen was back on track here after The Walking Dead. Guess I was wrong.

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    I noticed the same thing. All platforms are mentioned, except for the WiiU... Again... <- Find out more about me! <- Play Amiga & MSX Pinball games online


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      It will come to Wii U, I'll post when I have news.


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        Originally posted by BarbieBobomb
        It will come to Wii U, I'll post when I have news.

        I think it's not a good thing not to mention WiiU in the press release even if it's "at a later date". At least, mention it proove that you have interrest in the plateform.

        At least, could you tell us if i will come on 2 table pack or 2 individual tables ?
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