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Still on the quest for the ultimate controller.

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  • Still on the quest for the ultimate controller.

    This was the answer I gave VanAlphen on my thoughts of the pinballwizard controller from nanotech. It got to long to post in discoard so I made a forum post out of it instead.

    It was many years ago for Visual pinball 8 I picked it up and if I recall right it cost 299USD approx. But I end up paying the double that price do to customs clearance. Nanotech are US based and I live in Sweden and they (David it was a one man’s show back then) had no supplier in Europe. To be honest I not sure I would recommend the PBW. It’s a fantastic idea in theory but in reality, I have struggled so much with the accelerometer and the blunger. Accelerometer has a lot of noise and are affected by the temperature inside the box. It had to be recalibrated as temperature raised. The plunger implementation on visualpinball tables are different so I had to do lots of manual stuff in order to make it work, but even then it was inaccurate and malfunctioning. It was like it when to fast on release from full stretch, sometimes the ball was hit and shoot out of the lane but sometimes nothing happened. Perhaps this was du to all the different techniques to create a plunger in VP or it was bad hardware. It was back during the VP ver 8 era and not sure if they have replaced some components on the Mot-Ion board. Delivery time was long as hell. Perhaps I was in-between two batches or it was the one man show that did it, not sure. David is a nice guy but kind of hard to get hold of. I have sent him some mails regarding my issues but it got quiet after a while and several others had same issues as I did on the VP forums. After a lot of frustration, recalibration, I pretty much gave up the nudge and plunger. The upside are that it has a lockdown bar with a genuine feel (50cm) to it and the flip buttons are the real deal. It’s quite heavy and has a genuine feel all over. I have many good hours of gameplay only using the flips and binded the second flipper button to nudge. Drop them an email and ask if you’re still interested. I do know that there are other products on the market Zebsboard for example. I kind of waiting on Spacies to try the stuff he orderd out before Il jump on the bandwagon again. You can find Spacies Arcade here

    Still on the quest for the ultimate controller. (hint, hint Zen build one)

    If anyone have some ideas on what to use plz enlighten me.

    Gonna build a cab soon!



    Bit of topic. Can any of the mods move it? Had a few beers in me while posting.
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