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Newbie needs pinball machine ;-)

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  • Newbie needs pinball machine ;-)


    as a complete newbie in the virtual pinball machine world let me introduce myself. I am Odwin, 47 years old from The Netherlands and one of my hobbies is pinball. Although I played virtual pinball on my pc I have never had a real virtual pinball machine cabinet.

    So after finding out there is a whole scene out there sharing this passion I decided that I want to build one myself. So here I am with my first post on this forum asking for some input to jump start my project.

    Could someone point me in the right direction as for website with building scheme's or other information concerning building a VPM? Any help, tips, urls are very welcome ;-)

    Kind regards,

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    I’m from the Netherlands too and I’m also at the stage of orientation. I’ll reply in English for the other members...

    I’m not really far and still have to start but I do know what I want. Because of the time and money I’m going to invest in this, I want it to be a build that lasts for at least five years. So a 4K set-up would be ideal. I’ve seen some close ups of 4K tables on YouTube and it looks gorgeous! We have a 1080p Switch cabinet and I already want a sharper image because of the closer viewing distance you have playing in cabinet mode, players perspective.

    A 4K set-up with multiple monitors requires a fast computer and a descent display for the field. I prefer something like OLED or QLED. There are some monitors available right now. The computer though, it’s expensive. That’s the main reason for me to wait another year and wait till the prices drop a bit. It also gives me time to think over how to do this.

    I want it to have feedback mechanisms and a real full color DMD display. I’m not that good in coding so I hope to find my way on the internet to get it done. Some topics here on the ZEN forum are about difficulties setting up a DMD for FX3 but I hope that this will be solved when I start with the project.
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      Newbie needs pinball machine

      Oh, by the time I was typing this, kzel already responded with what I was looking for. This is too much thank you.
      Also, it feels so weird to see this screenshot and the site, I was so involved in the software problem that I forgot the whole thing was about pr0n lol.

      You guys are fantastic and very helpful. Thank you

      EDIT: This is odd though, the official game site gives a patch to cancel the internet activation? Is it because the game is old or something ?
      EDIT2: It works, yay