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New cabinet build, cabinet code question.

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  • New cabinet build, cabinet code question.

    Hi all,

    **EDIT - I have had a response stating that the code should only need entering once, am yet to try this but this morning I started the software twice and had to enter it both times.. ADMINS please delete this thread**

    I have built myself a nice little tabletop pinball table, MDF cabinet with glass play field and back-screen with all the buttons etc. It's great!

    I've managed to get lots of Future Pinball tables working and now have Pinball FX3 setup with my account linked so I can now play my tables I paid for, also great!

    My question is this, I went through the process of retrieving my cabinet code, was really pleased with the rapid response getting it. BUT do I have to enter this code every time I start Pinball FX3 through PinballX? It's a massive hassle as my cabinet is clean and tidy and I dont really want a keyboard hanging out of it just to enter this code. Maybe I'm missing something here? Would be a shame to disable Pinball FX3. Is there a way of putting the code into the registry somehow?

    Thanks for any help on this matter.

    The table is in no way going to be used for commercial use, just me
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