I have always been a fan of pinball and Zen Studios. I became familiar with Zen's work with the Wii U, although it was never really supported as well as other platforms which I always felt was a shame as it is ideally suited for pinball.

I started building my cabinet in May of this year. I got a decent gaming computer from a guy with an i5 4400 processor, 16 GB of RAM and a 120GB solid state drive. I put a GTX1070 graphics card in it and built the Pinscape USB encoder that was designed by Mike Roberts. I added solenoids and addressable LED strips for feedback. Using Doflinx the feedback devices work great with FX3 tables. I use x360ce to get the analog plunger to work on the Zen tables. I have about of Zen's tables installed on the MK1 and always looking forward to what Zen has coming up.

Just wanted to share the finished product with the community.