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Adding a view toggle button

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  • Adding a view toggle button

    Just when I thought the cabinet had enough buttons, I had to add a button. Danged ole view change. I started to play a few tournaments on FX3 and the default view wasn't what I wanted. I have all the other buttons I want and a trackball for a mouse. But alas I was missing a "c" keyboard press for view. Here's a few pics of the added button.

    First pick is the cabinet in maintenance mode. Gotta get the Samsung TV out of the way.


    Second Pic is the button installed. I had to drill a 15/16" dia. hole through the side. (still a little clean up of the scratches I left behind)

    Oh and Yeah GO CHIEFS!!


    Third Pic is the inside view of the new button. I put a red circle around the new button.


    Forth pic is the wiring blocks. I wire the keyboard emulator to terminal blocks and from those run a wire to each switch. I also have a separate 5 volt terminal blocks for neg and pos to the LED lights. Maybe now I have all the buttons I need?