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Pinball FX 2 Now A Possibility For A PC Release!!

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  • Pinball FX 2 Now A Possibility For A PC Release!!

    Regarding this post by Solitude.....

    Originally posted by Solitude View Post
    No promises, but a PC version is now a possibility. I will push hard for multi-monitor output and vertical mode if it does happen.

    It would appear that we might see a PC port of this great pinball simulator! I sooo want them to release a pc port of pinball fx 2 for the pc with 1-3 screen setup, would be the icing on the cake for my pincab.....

    See how much time and money I have pulled into this project Zen Studios and I'm not the only one theres 1000's of us, not to mention the rest who would be happy to play a PC port on just a normal 1 screen PC setup. I would be more than willing to offer my pincab for beta testing when the time comes Zen so keep me in mind!!?

    So I just want to start this thread to show our support for a pc port!!, I'm going to try and get everyone from VPFourms, Gopinball and HyperPin to sign up here and post in this thread their support and hopefully we can kick start the whole process!!

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    If we did a PC release, it would have to be on Steam. However, getting onto Steam is far from a sure thing. Maybe if they heard from enough people, they would be more likely to approve it.


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      Originally posted by Solitude View Post
      If we did a PC release, it would have to be on Steam. However, getting onto Steam is far from a sure thing. Maybe if they heard from enough people, they would be more likely to approve it.
      That my plan my friend, expect a few more sign ups today

      What about offering the donwload from your website, or though i know its better publicity to get it released on Steam aswell. What Steam's criteria for getting a game released on their servers?
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        Please incorporate vertical screen!

        I love this series, both on the 360 and PS3. I only have one request for a PC release. Please, add an option for vertical screen play. There are a lot of us pinball lovers that use vertical widescreens to emulate the playfield. In my eyes it is a must for a pc release. Thanks for listening! Mike.


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          Pinball FX2 Rules!

          I love Pinball FX 2 on Xbox 360 and would gladly pay to have it on PC, especially if it had the following:

          Command line launch support for use with HyperPin e.g. pbfx2.exe -table "Wolverine"

          Multiple screen support (DMD, Playfield, Backglass)

          Licensed recreations of classic machines


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            I posted about this a long time ago...

            Even though I already own PSN, XBLA and iPhone versions of all the Xen tables, I'd definitely be down for PC multi screen versions!
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              I agree

              I am a cab owner as well and I would buy it in a heart beat if 3 monitor support was intergrated into to your program.

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                Count my vote for support on this project, it would be an awesome addition to many peoples pin cabs


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                  I am also a virtual cab builder, and have several friends also planning a multi-screen build. I would definitely buy a multi-screen version of Pinball FX (at least 2 monitors) with top-down table view support.


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                    Of course we would love this !

                    I for sure would support any porting over to PC.
                    This thing would ROCK on my new built cab !


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                      I would love to see a PC version myself.

                      If they do the software will have my full support to get users at my community to purchase the software including advertising.

                      Here is my cab, using only dual monitor setup instead of 3. 2nd monitor being rotated to show 2 different items, DMD and Backglass. So I'd like to see an option to support that sort of setup also. Or just show a dmd at a minimum on a 2nd monitor.

                      Once you play digital pinball like this, its really hard to play any other way


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                        We would pay top dollar for Pinball FX2 on the PC

                        Add me to the list of pinball cabinet owners who would love to add the PC version of Pinball FX2 to my cabinet. As others have noted it would need the top down full screen view to be worthy of cabinet play.

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                          I own all the zen tables on xbox 360 but would love to have a PC version that supports vertical orientation and multiple monitors...basically what everyone else has requested. I would even pay a premium for these features. I think we all would!



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                            I second it coming to PC

                            Been a long time lover of pinball... Cant wait to see it for the PC... Here is my 3 Screen cab

                            The Kids would Love it =) And myself =)



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                              wooohooo, pc-support would be awesome!!!

                              there is also a big german community which is interested in a pc version... let's do it, you won't regret!

                              this is my 3 screen cabinet