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Pinball FX 2 Now A Possibility For A PC Release!!

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    Another vote for a PC release!
    Many thanks for listening


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      i have registered just to give my vote for this great game. btw there is no new pinball on pc for some time, so this is certain hit. zen would do great thing both for them and pc users.


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        Just wondering if any progress has been made on the PC port?

        I would love to hear some good news


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          Solitude, any news on weather there will be a PC port at all??


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            It's still a possibility. I think it will happen eventually, but not sure when.


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              Cant wait!!

              Can't wait for this to happen...

              Been waiting for a long time to get some great games on the PC.

              Current building two more pincabs... Both with a OC 5.5 ghtz i7 2600K set up.

              Please release this asap =)



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                I really hope they can release on Steam...


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                  Own the xbox 360 version and have most tables for it (getting the rest soon) but would buy all again in a heartbeat if you decide to release it on Steam.


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                    I registered on this forum to voice my support for FX to come to PC/Steam. I don't have a console but have been playing Timeshock, Big Race USA, and Fantastic Journey since they came out. Day one purchase for me!


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                      I own the x-box version and most of the tables. I would buy a PC version on day 1 as well and would definitely like to see multi-monitor support for a cabinet.


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                        I also would buy a pc version of this game on day 1. You guys did an awsome job on this game and should sell nicely.


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                          I'm way overjoyed to hear that we might finally have a PC version of Zen coming!

                          Hopefully once this heat dies down in Texas I can finish up my new pincab build. This is a 3 screen setup, using the Pinball 2000 style cabinet. Only 2 screens will be visible at all times, the 3rd screen projects the score down and reflects off the glass. This gives an almost holographic view of the score and places it in a natural position for viewing. It will overlay the playfield image a little, but it does not impede gameplay.

                          Here are a couple things to keep in mind for the PC build.

                          Please allow for a top down view with at least 2 screen support! 3 screens would be great, but we can do without if we have to. The second screen should be the backglass/score or backglass only, while the 3rd screen is the score. Also, allow for the users to rotate and flip (flip applies to 3rd screen for some users) each of the screens as needed. Playfields are rotated at 270 degrees so the bottom of the screen is located to the players left.

                          Most pincab owners use pretty good hardware. Cabs usually have 2 video cards with a minimum of 1gb. Most people use the best video card for the playfield screen only, and the second for the backglass and DMD(score). nVidia hardware has been found to work best in our setups with our current software limitations.

                          If you guys need any help or specific information when it comes to our multi screen setups please feel free to contact me.


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                            Been working a new build here too.

                            I live here in Vegas, and I have talked to a few people that would love to use my cab at CES in 2012.

                            Would love to show off your game in my cab.

                            Please contact me if you need help or want any advise to help see this possible with our set ups.

                            Like Dazz said, most of use only the best computer parts, quad core 3.6 or better with Nvidia 250 GTX's or better. ( Mine personally is a i7 2600k oc to 5.5 with 2 260 gtx 1.7 gig cards. )

                            I can even drive my cab out to your studio for testing purposes, Everyone that has built a cab comes from and its a great community!

                            We are all willing to do what ever to see thats come true.


                            aka H4CK3R


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                              I spent some good quality time with the Zen tables on my PS3 this afternoon and also bought the new Marvel table. All of the tables are beautiful and play great.

                              There are a couple issues that I'd like to see changed on the PC version. I may be being picky, but if you really want to appeal to the PC market the pincab builders are the ones to target. We spend a lot of money to get our cabinets built, top of the line displays, top of the line computer components, LED lighting, force feedback shaker motors and solenoids, etc. There are a couple things that we would like to expect in a PC version.

                              1. Load times seem to be quite long on the PS3. It takes me about 2 minutes from the Zen GUI, select table, to ball launch. Hopefully the PC version can be done without the long load times.

                              2. Way to launch tables without a GUI. On the PS3 the player has to select the table they want to play via the GUI. For PC we'd love to have a way to launch directly into the table via a command line. This would allow for us to be able to seamlessly incorporate into our pincab interfaces.

                              I'm sure I have more, but that's all for now.


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                                +1 for PC

                                And honestly, as long as you leave hooks for the community, we can tweak it for cabs (grin). It doesn't even have to explicitly have "multimonitor" support. Just let the table itself run full screen rotated 90 degrees CCW and let the DMD be in a movable window and anything else is gravy. If you can expose some of the variables in config files (things like rendering angles and whatnot) all the better.

                                I get that the cabinet builders of the world may not be a HUGE market, but we're a very vocal and influential one. The key thing is just being able to play rotated FS.

                                Beta testing? Sign me up!