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Psycho Pinball - The wishlist from my childhood dreams!

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  • Psycho Pinball - The wishlist from my childhood dreams!

    Oh! I would first like to say that Pinball FX2 Is the most awesome pinball game ever made. I can spend hours everyday!! =D

    I love the game and in my wildest dreams I hope that Zen Studios would get the opportunity to remake the best pinball serie ever made for the computer.

    Yes, I'm talking about Psycho Pinball from Codemasters. There's not been a pinball game out there I've played more then Psycho.

    Thought "Secrets of the deep" is kind of a remake from Psycho's table "The Abyss" I would absolutely get super excited if it was ever to be made!

    What do you guys think? Surely there must be folks on this forum who LOVED Psycho Pinball!?

    / Rojiva

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    yes i also would love to see maybe a revamped version of Psycho Pinball on pbfx2 and there is already another thread some where on this site where its been asked for before, i would also like to see pro pinballs timeshock done


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      Yeah!! I would love a psycho pinball remake
      And what about Propinball series??? This would be amazing.

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