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    not thinking anyone made a good pinball game for next gen consoles i was very happy to find pinball fx 2 via a friend at work.
    we now have a highscore war going on between us. all in good fun though.

    so i started having a look at whats else available and it seems our friends over at planet playstation 3 have zen pinball with some swanky looking tables.

    now i assume they are both made by the same people so how about some of those tables on pinball fx 2. afterall variety is the spice of life.

    Now someone has to ask the question those of you old enough will remember pro pinball and one table especially TIMESHOCK.

    someone has to give the king of pinball tables a next gen makeover. those of you who have played the best pinball game ever made well table will know what i mean.

    after playing fx 2. i now have all the tables including those from fx 1 the guys at zen are the right people to do it justice.

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    Hi, i agree with you on TIMESHOCK would love to see this on pbfx2, a few of the early tables are exclusives to ps3 or xbox, ZEN have put some amnazing tables out and more on the way
    ps..i managed to talk 2 workmates who have hardly ever played pinball into buying pbfx2
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      its taken over my workplace it used to be all about call of duty now everyone is swapping tips and high scores. viva the revolution


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        A timeshock! remake would be a great new
        But i think the people from Silverball Studios (formerly Fuse Games and formerly Cunning Developments) won't be too happy giving its rights on Timeshock!

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        Steam ID: twsh


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          More Tables Please.

          How about a Hulk, Daredevil, or X-Men table. Electra would be fantastic. Give us some more tables please. I'm a big fan of all Mavel Tables. My most desired table would be a Punisher table. That being said every table that's come out for FX2 is fantastic. I own all of the tables but enjoy the new FX 2 ones the most.


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            I think a release of data east's Tales From The Crypt table would be amazing!!!!!


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              I agree with you about tales from the crypt