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  • Classic Table for PinballFX

    Hi Zen Team and Fellow PFX'ers,

    There's a Classic Pinball Game that I used to play on my old MegaDrive when I was growing-up, which I still rank as one of THE best pinball games I've ever played, it's called 'Dragon's Fury' which I'm hoping you could use as inspiration for some future tables in PinballFX !!

    The best thing about it was the way they created a '3-Tier Table' and also how they made the table come alive or organic as the following review says.....

    (click the link below for a short low-down of the game)

    .....I think you lot at Zen would be able to create some more amazing tables just based around the '3-Tier Table' idea alone, I would personally love to see a direct port and a re-vamped version of the game come out but I feel that you could create something new and better for us just by utilising some of the great ideas and styling that Dragon's Fury brought us back in '92 !!

    What do you think people ????

    (I look forward to playing on a 'HD 3-Tier Organic PinballFX Table' in the near future.....Hopefully)
    !! Don't Think..........Just Do !!