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Zen Studios Live Interview on July 28th

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  • Zen Studios Live Interview on July 28th

    Hi, my podcast, Dead Pixel Live, will be doing a live interview with Zen Studios on July 28th at 7pm EST. You can listen live and submit questions to the hosts at . If you can't be there live, but still have something you want us to ask, you can leave a reply here or on the DPL website ( .


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    The interview went great and it's available at . It's a 50 minute talk where we went over everything from the WiiU, speculation on the new marvel tables, Zen Pinball on the PC, 3D versions, and a lot more.

    Huge thanks to Mel Kirk for taking the time to do it.



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      Hi Derrick, welcome to the forum.

      That got off to a wobbly start, but it ended up being one of the more informative amateur interviews I've listened to. I appreciate all your effort in producing this, and thanks to Mel for being so candid.

      If you don't mind, I'm going to crosspost your thread to the Xbox 360 and PS3 forums where it will get more attention.
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