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What other games do you like to play besides pinball?

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    RockBand 3 (especially drums and vocals)

    Mario Kart Wii

    Rally driving sims (I've mostly played Colin McRae and Richard Burns, haven't played any in a while).

    and a few more from my past I've spent significant time on:

    Civ II
    Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series


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      I have to admit, I have more games in plastic wrap than I do unwrapped and played! It's so terrible! Between work and my two little girls, I have no time to really dig in and play big AAA games anymore. But, here is a list of some of my favorites:

      1) Mass Effect - current on ME3
      2) God of War - these are the ONLY games I have ever played through multiple times
      3) Shadow of the Colossus
      4) Plants vs. Zombies
      5) Psychonauts (and anything from Double Fine - LOVED Stacking)
      6) Red Dead Redemption
      7) Mario Kart (SNES)
      8) Gears of War
      9) Uncharted (#2 was the best)
      10) Bit.Trip.Runner

      I also have a deep love for any game I have worked on (well, most games). That list now stands at around 100 titles! That's like 10 / year, and no, that is not counting individual pinball tables.


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        Red Dead Redemption did not get the love it deserved I reckon when it was released. I love that game, and 100%'d the single player
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          Speaking of fighting games, I'm really looking forward to Skullgirls that's releasing out next week for the PS3/360.


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            I'm a sucker for anything with tactics in the title, anything turn based, Advance Wars and Civ 2 being two of my favourites. I've just got a Vita so I can play Disgaea 3, which I'm stupidly excited about, having never played the PS3 version. I'm a big racing game fan as well and also enjoy a good 2D shooter (getting too old for them now, don't have the hand/eye thing anymore).
            Currently enjoying Fez on 360 and Hustle Kings, Super Stardust Delta and Everybody's (Hotshots) Golf on Vita.