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FarSight launches new Pinball title

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  • Originally posted by Womble View Post
    If only Zen had managed to secure these licences. They'd have been able to give them the care they deserve.
    F***, now you're making me think of what could have been/could be(?) if Zen had access to real life table licences.

    It's clear (for me) that Zen excel at production value/attention to details etc over their competitors.
    Otoh, while I enjoy Zen's original tables, I still prefer real life classic tables design and the more realistic physics approach.

    Zen + real licence + more realistic physics would be awesome.


    • Originally posted by Pinmon View Post
      One small thing I dislike, although relatively minor is the dmd in TPA. Or rather the fact that it doesn't look dot-matrix at all. Instead it seems it's been "squashed".
      Yeah, they need to include the plasma grid (i.e. the Dot Matrix) and glow on the DMD.

      It should look like this:

      Zen's DMD, for their part, isn't a whole lot better. It has the grid, but not the plasma glow. And Zen insist on using colours that are hard to see, including a dirty mustard that looks ... ick.



      Clearly, these DMDs look nothing at all like the real thing. It's ironic that the shader work in the menus looks better than the DMD...
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      • Originally posted by Womble View Post
        Also, the leader boards must be broken, because cracker has the top score on TOTAN from all my Friends.
        This sad situation has now been corrected, and the rightful heir to top spot has taken his wombly place.

        At least until Roy gets his act together.

        Sadly, and strangely, Cracker has a high score on TOM. Maybe his little brother is playing on his account again?
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        • Originally posted by DutchTommy View Post
          Wow Roy, that sucks. I guess FarSight didn't see far enough to think anyone would get 10 billion. They didn't know they're dealing with you!

          And after seeing that, I thought I might have a similar situation with Black Hole. As everyone may know, that pin only displays 6 digits. So when I hit 1 million and saw the score rollover, I thought of your video. But thankfully it keeps track of you total score at the end.

          So the new high score game on ToM is to get as close to 10 billion without going over! The #1 score has a good start at 9,993,993,990. I wonder if he knew he was in danger of rolling over.
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          • Honestly, score rollovers in pinball are fine; all tables do have score rollovers.

            However, I think FarSight should get better with their score recognition by actually integrating score rollovers as part of their leaderboards (local and online). Their current leaderboard system reads a little too much on the game rom and not the reality of the scores. Other than that and the graphics issue, this game is an absolute blast.

            Speaking of flaws, I'm not worried about the user interface right now, but they really do need to address it soon; once they reach 10+ tables the UI will become a chore to navigate. Also, I think online head-to-head should have been included Day 1. I wouldn't use it since I'm not a fan of the Xbox Live Gold pricing, but most gamers have it. FarSight said a few months ago it will be included eventually. Once they address those issues, I would consider this game to be a very strong competitor with Zen's products.
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            • Has anyone else noticed that this game doesn't have 5.1 dolby digital audio? At first I didn't notice but then it became glaring that almost all the audio was only coming out of my center channel only. The menu options don't have anything related to audio. Can anyone else confirm that it's only 2.0 stereo audio for this game?

              If this is the case I have to say I'm pretty appalled, especially with the age of true HD gaming. One of the best aspects of Zen Pinball in my personal opinion, is the HD sound that's accompanied with the beatiful graphics. I understand that these real life tables were never equipped with that type of sound and they're basically just emulating for the most part but I'm really disappointed.


              • A FarSight Studios employee addressed my request about their leaderboard system.


                It's good to know they are trying to solve this issue.

                Update: Someone pointed out to me that there are scores over 10 Billion points on the iOS leaderboards and sure enough there are. So it seems this flaw is only on the Xbox 360, thus far.

                So yeah, awesome game on the iOS (will be even better once Game Center support is released), but somewhat of a disappointment on the Xbox 360.
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                • Originally posted by Womble View Post
                  Also, the leader boards must be broken, because cracker has the top score on TOTAN from all my Friends.

                  Don't worry I put him back in his place lol

                  Yeh I wished that Zen got the licenses to do these, as Ive constantly been saying that Zen is better than Farsight. Ah well im getting enjoyment out of Farsights product so that is one pro to their product.
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                  • First of all kudos to the cool people at Zen Studios for allowing a thread like this. You guys rock!

                    So, I got this Pinball Arcade and I like it. It sure is different from PFX2. The balls are very light weighted and they fly here and there and multiball is pure mayhem. I've never played any of the real life tables, but it does feel like playing a real table as many expert players have pointed out.
                    What I do NOT like about the game is the many bugs, some of which are very annoying and the 10 bil bug is just unacceptable! I am having issues with the camera options, especially the plunger camera. Shame that you can't see how much power you put on the shot. Sometimes the balls move irratically, as if the screen has problems in updating, and why aren't there an option to turn off the music or maybe just a way of mixing the sound levels?

                    The most polished part of the game is probably the legal And one funny little detail I noticed yesterday: on Ripleys Believe it or not, there are signs on the bottom of the table that reads: "Hold flippers down FOR FOR info". I thought it was funny that noone has noticed.

                    But let's hope that Farsight gets busy and patches the game as soon as possible. I can live with the bugs, but they are annoying!

                    To me PBFX2 is superior to PA. The creative and innovative design of their tables are such a joy to me.

                    Pinballs lovers are lucky these days to be able to play all these cool tables. And I for one will support both games as long as they keep up the good work.

                    Feel free to add me to your friendslist if you like. Besides from the 4 PA tables, I have all the PBFX tables and I play them regularly. I am NOT a good player, rather quite average. My gamertag is: Beaugild


                    • Just had a game of Black Hole where it glitched and thought it was in multiball for most of the game. This means no drains from the middle playfield and a super high score.

                      What a buggy mess this turned out to be. They should have worked on it more during the "delayed for placement" week.


                      • Wow, another update:

                        Was playing Ripleys this morning, and had all super jackpots lit for the frog multiball goal. I had a multiball going, drained one ball and had the other one disapper. Called the attendant, and it said there wasn't a problem. Then a 20 second countdown appears in the DMD and says "searching for ball". After the 20 seconds, it says "one ball missing", then goes right back into the countdown!

                        Tried tilting out, but the game was locked and wouldn't do I lost one of the hardest wizard goals in the first four pack..........

                        Anyone on the fence about this game, at least WAIT for a bugfix, it's a mess.....


                        • Originally posted by Postman View Post
                          I had a multiball going, drained one ball and had the other one disapper. Called the attendant, and it said there wasn't a problem. Then a 20 second countdown appears in the DMD and says "searching for ball". After the 20 seconds, it says "one ball missing", then goes right back into the countdown!

                          Tried tilting out, but the game was locked and wouldn't do anything......
                          Same here.


                          • The more I play TPA the more annoyed I get with out-lanes. No mater what I do (especially Arabian Nights) to ball goes out.

                            Still having fun though. I guess it is like real pinball. You get a great score, have a great ball in one game and is seems that the next games you can't keep the ball in play.

                            Looking forward to more DLC tables from both Zen and Farsight Next month.


                            • There's a real bad bug on BoP (Android) where a ball can go back to the plunger but the game can't see it and you can't relaunch the ball, calling the attendant some times works but messes up the game bad if your in the "Human" stage multi ball.


                              • Well, after playing with TPA some more, unfortnately I have to take back a lot of what I said...

                                The physics for one are all kind of messed up; the ball is either too bouncy (extremely hard to capture) too slow AND too fast at the same time...and that doesn't even make any sense. Especially during multiball the ball(s) are so unrealistically fast when they collide with one another it's downright silly. Seems the acceleration/deceleration code for the physics is severely messed up. And yes, this is all compared to real life, not just compared to PFX2. Zen's engines -while not completely realistic, is just better.

                                That's not even counting the weird stuff like balls going through the flippers. I've had this happens many times on Black Hole.

                                In terms of options and user interface it's not even funny how much it's lacking. There's not even the Operate adjustments. Seriously, even Zen have this option...and Zen's tables are not even real life tables lol. Seriously it's like way upside down.

                                Graphically, it seem last-gen level compared to PFX2.

                                It's too bad because I really wished this was going to be great. Like I said, I still prefer these tables in terms of design compared to Zen's. It's just that TPA doesn't do these real life tables justice.

                                It's reallys too bad Zen doesn't have and will not have -seeing as FarSight does, the license for the tables because that would have kicked so much ass. Let's hope this will not be a repeat of "Game Room" for FarSight but so far it doesn't look good.
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