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FarSight brings "The Pinball Arcade" to all major plaforms

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    Very informative video. You get to hear about the background information about the company and their dedication to take their time to recreate classic pinball games. Its amazing how many tables they have in production. (over 50 and planning to release a new table every two weeks)

    Although i am not convinced about their game physics. Judging from the trailer and video, i don't see any big significant improvements whatsoever to their ball physics, and in their video, they talk a big game about it. Farsight claims that the Williams collection had the best pinball physics yet of its time. In which in did not, where at times playing on whirlwind, the ball flys out of the table. How realistic.

    They even took a swipe at Zen - "fantasy pinball". So if Farsight is for real on challenging the Zen crown, they gotta make the ball look like its at least rolling. =p

    Its tempting to buy, but i don't know yet. I want to see some hi-def video of their game before i make a decision.


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      The fantasy pinball "swipe" could be unrelated to Zen's games, there are plenty of video pinball games, especially before Zen's, such as Pinball Dreams & Fantasies, Pinball HD, Pinball Deluxe, and at least 50 other apps on the iPhone.

      I do agree that FarSight's physics aren't the greatest; the Pro Pinball series will always have the more dominate physics engine. Also, FarSight isn't the only company talking game about their physics; Zen talks big game as well by saying their physics are "the most realistic", which also isn't true. Either way, no pinball physics engine has ever been like-for-like and FarSight's engine is still better than 90% of other video pinball games, Zen (arguable) and Pro Pinball, notwithstanding. BTW, the ball flying out of the table could be due to having the table reflection option off; it doesn't do that to me with the reflections on and I've played that game for 50+ hours.

      I don't agree the FarSight vs. Zen mantra a few users have on here. I think it's apples and oranges for both; one is about recreating an experience that is quite uncommon and hard to find, while the other is about making new designs with elements not present in real pinball. I just don't believe Highlander-logic when it comes to video pinball; both should do well and deservedly so.

      BTW, I wouldn't judge that video on how their physics will be; it was roughly 30 seconds gameplay footage, at most. Also, the developers plan on releasing a video about their pinball movement as part of their unveiling special.
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        Originally posted by katschunka
        I got the Williams collection for the PSP and sometimes during play the ball went through the flippers and got lost.
        Comparing the PSP version of PHOF:WC to Zen Pinball is like comparing an "apple" to a "screw". First off, the PSP version of the game is last generation compared to the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game, which came out 18 months later.

        Try playing the PS3 or Xbox 360 version of PHOF:WC. They fixed a lot of the glitches that plagued the PS2 and PSP versions.
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          It is safe to assume that FS could be talking about Zen, as they are both major pinball game makers. Plus, things happen on Zen's tables that you would not see on a real table. (That is where i assumed FS was talking about them) Although you are right that they couldn't just talk about only Zen.

          Zen talks a big game about their physics because they have proven it. They have the best pinball physics available in video games.(IMO, people might differ) Of course they aren't that realistic, you cannot create perfect pinball physics on a game. But you can sure as hell replicate it to make it seem like it is, and Zen has the most realistic physics thus far on the TV/iPhone/3DS/Droid/Tablet screen. That is why they claim to have the "most realistic". My point about the whole Whirlwind ball flying out of the table deal was to test FS how realistic the game was.

          Here is another thing: Why can't you compare FS to Zen? Because they have different directions on what they want to do with pinball? No, its the way they are delivering pinball to us, on the same platforms (besides Wii) that Zen has their video games on. Basically every digital realm. (kinda cheesy but best i could come up with) This creates competition between the two, and its great. Why? Because both companies will work harder to try to appease their crowds, and also attracting more to their games. Which means, more pinball.


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            Originally posted by shogun00
            Comparing the PSP version of PHOF:WC to Zen Pinball is like comparing an "apple" to a "screw". First off, the PSP version of the game is last generation compared to the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game, which came out 18 months later.

            Try playing the PS3 or Xbox 360 version PHOF:WC. They fixed a lot of the glitches that plagued the PS2 and PSP versions.
            Ok maybe they fixed some glitches but did they make the ball roll in their new pinball simulation? I doubt it.


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              Okay AR, I agree with everything you said on your last paragraph. Competition is indeed great; however, there are people who refuse to buy a competitor's product due to sticking with another brand. That issue kinda worries me about the sales of the game; I really want this game to perform well since they are the only company (as of right now) willing to port good recreations of classic table designs. Personally, I will buy both of each company's product; the more great pinball games, the better.

              I will also agree about the presentation of the physics; I personally love how Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection on my Xbox 360 plays, however the physics don't look realistic. The ball doesn't roll and looks more grey than silver, but it's still a nice size and has decent gravity when hit. To me, the game played well enough to not care about the pinball's appearance. Since this is a DLC format, maybe they might end up fixing the appearance of the ball (hopefully they will).

              I still disagree about the ball flying off on FarSight's games; like in normal pinball, it's possible for the ball to fly out without the glass casing. Once you enable the glass casing in the Gottlieb and Williams collections, the ball no longer goes to the floor.
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                I just did not have that great of a experience with WPHOF as you did. I dislike how the pinball game is played with these moon ball physics, but you have no problem with the game. (i got no problem with this, its great that you are) I still can't even get that damn Harem multiball on TotAN, as it is glitched and won't lock your ball. (unless you get a merchant secret award) You may have though.

                I just hate how the game plays on Farsight's engine. At times, there is a chance the ball won't even hit the flippers and drain SttM and/or outlanes. And with the ball flying out? I don't understand why you disagree. If this game is supposed to catch the authentic pinball experience, i would like my ball not to go crazy fast bouncing off objects and flying out the table. Besides,why would you play a pinball game without a glass casing? (besides trying to fix something on the table)


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                  Hmm, I've never had that problem with the American Xbox 360 version of the collection, with the ball flying out and I've played that version for 50+ hours. I've had that problem with the Wii version; that version had some bugs with certain tables.

                  Sorry that you didn't enjoy the collection. I'm confident this platform will improve the bugs, and being a downloadable game, patches are quite possible. If there is enough outcry for things to be fixed, I'm certain they would work to fix them. FarSight Studios has been quite active on Facebook and answering questions.

                  BTW, the Harem multiball issue was apparently fixed according to their FB page.
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                    They got it fixed? hmm. I'll have to pull out the game and try it. Trying to grab those goals, then i can be done. Well, i'll have to see what kind of information that FS is going to put out during the 12 days of christmas thing.

                    Merry Christmas to you and everyone else who play.


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                      No, not for the retail release; Tales of the Arabian Nights will be available as one of the four initial titles on The Pinball Arcade. They fixed the Harem Multiball for the upcoming DLC platform. Very sorry for the confusion.

                      Merry Holidays and a Happy New Year to you as well.


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                        Sorry for duplicate posting, but there is some cool news on their Facebook page on the pricing structure:

                        Merry Christmas!! and Happy Holidays to Everyone!!!

                        Each month, The Pinball Arcade will feature one game as The Table of the Month. At launch, this table will be Tales of the Arabian Nights. The Table of the Month on most platforms will cost 99 cents. [We’d prefer to offer it for 99 cents on all platforms, but there are some console restrictions we may have to abide by that would restrict this pricing model]. After each month is over, the Table of the Month will go back to it's regular price which will typically range between $1.99 and $2.99 (with $3.99 currently planned for tables with expensive ancillary licenses).
                        Sweet! Hopefully Microsoft's XBLA service could allow the Table of the Month feature. I do quite like being able to buy each table individually, instead of packs, as well.


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                          Day 4 of 12 on their Facebook Special

                          More info has been revealed on their Facebook. This time it's about the tournaments.

                          Once we’ve released a few tables, we plan to start hosting cross-platform tournaments. In a typical tournament, players will have up to one week to a complete game on each table and post a score EVEN IF THE TABLE IS IN FREE MODE AND THEY HAVE NOT PURCHASED IT YET. We will feature many of the same basic tournaments rules and formats as the IFPA including Open Play, PinGolf, and Match Play. A rewarding tournament rating and ladder system will level the playing field for players of all abilities and give everyone a chance to win their division!

                          BTW, Day 3 was just a confirmation that Cirqus Voltaire would launch as a "Table of the Month" (99 cents).


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                            Days 5 & 6 of 12

                            The Pinball Arcade just revealed photos on their Facebook page of their pinball.

                            The ball has its reflections now; they are taken from the Xbox 360 version of the game. They initially planned a video showing off the physics, but they claimed they had issues with the recording, so it will be on YouTube tomorrow.

                            I will post a link to the video when they release it.

                            Also, to avoid constant posting, here are the 12 Days of The Pinball Arcade Christmas:

                            Day 1: The Making of The Pinball Arcade
                            Day 2: Pricing structure (Table of the Month for $1 and hopes for tables to be priced at $2-3, $4 at most)
                            Day 3: Cirqus Voltaire for $1 when released
                            Day 4: Tournament structure (cross-platform tounaments and the ability to play tables for free)
                            Day 5: In-game photos of the new pinball model (the pinball now has reflections)
                            Day 6: Video showing off the new pinball model; Cloda approved (
                            Day 7: Ripley's Believe It or Not video (
                            Day 8: Black Hole video (
                            Day 9: Tales of the Arabian Nights video (
                            Day 10: Theater of Magic video (
                            Day 11: Table Instructions video (
                            Day 12: Release Date Info: iOS & Android (January), Vita & Mac (February), and Xbox, PS3, & PC (late-March)
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                              Having just seen the the new ball movements it looks much better than the williams collection which i own on 360 def a day one purchase for me zen will still get my money as they make great tables & it just gives us more variety


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                                Definitely supporting both, as well!

                                The more great pinball, the better. Even though the video pinball genre has been around since the late-70s, the genre is just starting to become awesome (starting with Pinball FX 2 & PHoF: Williams).

                                These physics definitely suffice; the ball gravity seems much better than their previous efforts. Really hope this takes off!