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  • Faith No More - Angel Dust

    Does anyone else love this album from 1992?? Any Mike Patton fans here?? The City Is My Church

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    I still have 2 hear mid-life crisis, jizzlobber, and kingdom kindergarten, and a handful offa the previous album as well occassionally, but since u brought it up, I gotta ask, why bother posting such an interest here? It'd make good background tunes for the game I imagine...Maybe i'll patch it in, and yes Mike Patton was one "unique" vocalist, no question. back in the day, I even gave Mr. Bungle a listen, although it never appealed to me the way F.N.M. did, and still does... Peace out


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      He wasn't a unique vocalist, he IS a unique vocalist. And since this is general discussion I decided to throw in soething different. The City Is My Church


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        Mr. Bungle fan right here.

        They had a big feud with the Chilli Peppers back in the day.
        Yeah, Faith No More. Hell yeah.


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          shit yes

          I was right next to the stage for this gig....

          Get the Faith No More Setlist of the concert at Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, Australia on October 21, 1997 from the Album of the Year Tour and other Faith No More Setlists for free on!

          We care a lot!!!

          Originally posted by lasvegaspinballhalloffame View Post
          Does anyone else love this album from 1992?? Any Mike Patton fans here??


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            Mark, very cool!!MrBungle might be reuniting soon. You guys like Fantomas too right?
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   The City Is My Church


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              I actually saw Mike Patton last fall here in San Francisco. He came on stage and did a song or two with The Dillinger Escape Plan when they opened for Mastodon. Really awesome show!


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                I heard about that show. Do you have Irony Is A Dead Scene? That is Patton fronting the DEP for just an E.P. I was wondering if you were a Patton fan since you were in San Fran Barb, very cool!
       The City Is My Church