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what headphones do you want/have?

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  • what headphones do you want/have?

    i was wondering, what headphones do you guys use? what kind do you guys wanna buy?

    me, at the moment i only have a cheap pair of JVC Marshmallow Headphones
    the kind i wanna get on my birthday, is some a pair of Grado SR225i.
    this is what they are (this is the Grado Labs link for the same ones)

    so, what about you guys?

    i have changed what i want.

    a nice pair of HD25s and this amp to go along with it
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    i just use some regular sony dj earphones , i plug directly in tv , i use that for everygame .
    i don't have a pci use ps3 browser


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      but I take care of my ears and don't use headphones at all!
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        I have bought my new Monster Turbine headphones. So far i really like it, it has a a very good bass sound quality and it really keeps me "zoned out" every time i play even though the volume is not set too loud. Its probably because it really has good fit and it projects sounds to its optimum level. I'm glad that i picked it over the Monster beats that I have been eyeing on, cause that's too expensive for me anyway.


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          I use these:

          Light, super comfy, and sound great.


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            I use Scullcandy. I've tried different models, love all of them. Low price and cool design (their funny scull is gorgeous) - just perfect
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              I love this trend of wearing big,clown like, expensive earphones. So uneccessary.
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                I use Sennheiser HD201s. They're very cheap, but the sound quality is great, easily as good as headphones that cost 5 or 6 times as much in my opinion. But I only use them when listening to music late at night, never for playing games. The headphone socket on my TV is hard to get at (it's a wall-mounted LED) so even if I wanted to, it wouldn't be worth the hassle.


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                  Originally posted by RevaB
                  I use Scullcandy.
                  i feel sorry for you...those are truly the worst ...
                  i would recommend getting some Superlux HD686b.

                  Originally posted by natalieb
                  I have bought my new Monster Turbine headphones.
                  monster? overpriced junk. even if you say "they sound like the best headphones i have ever used" they are still over priced.

                  i would recommend returning the Monster ones you have and get some Etymotic HF5 ( )