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    So it seems most of my Pinball FX2 friends are around 20-30 years old, however most of the friends I've picked up from various games such as Bulletstorm, Portal 2, and especially Castleminer Z seem to be around the age of 8-12. It seriously sickens me to find out so many little kids play a game such as Bulletstorm due to the content of that game (if you've ever played it you'd know what I'm talking about).

    Anyways, just a general question for the Forum Users here;
    How Old are You?

    I'm 32
    Beat Ms Splosion-Man Wizard Mode on 12/15/2011
    Beat Sorcerer's Lair Wizard Mode on 12/17/2011

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    i was wondering when this thread would come up haha.

    im 19.

    maybe we can keep a tally of how old each person is, or a tally of the year the person was born?