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    Note: I just did not find any proper section on Zen Forum to put this thread into. Moderators are free to move it in any other section. Thank you.

    Ehi guys I am sure most of you already know Future Pinball and Hyperpin
    Basically its a free Video pinball for Windows where you can build your own pinball with a complete editor.
    Of course i didnt even start to build my own table because it's way too hard for me and my time,
    but many many designers have created beautiful and very accurate reproductions (free downloadble) of most famous real pinball machines.
    Some of them are really good, belive me. Physics are good too ( they reminds me Zen Pinball).
    I must say that many of the tables of Future Pinball are better than same models featured in Arcade Pinball.
    Please dont get me wrong, PinballFx2 is light years better than this pinball in every aspect.
    But I think it worths a try.

    Just out of curiosity,
    look what a Hyperpin enthusiast managed to build in his own house ;-)
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    Yup, it's alright. Also, General section ftw