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The Future of Pinball

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  • The Future of Pinball

    I came across this Nintendo Life article and it raises some really interesting questions about where pinball is heading. According to the article, the recent rise in video game pinball has helped raise sales for real pinball machines. It then goes on to describe how a new company plans to bring online functionality to their machines. This could definitely help bring in new pinball fans to real tables as well as the virtual pinball genre. I think this is a huge step forward in this whole pinball renaissance we've seen over the last few years. Check out the article and let me know what you think!

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    Nice article Barbie. Yeah, you know, some things will never go out of style, muscle cars, Doc Martens, courdoroys, etc. Pinball is one of those timeless things that will always be cool. It'll be nice to see it get big again in real life like it was in its heyday, but hey, even if it just gets big digitally,that's fine by me too. I just love Pinball. And just absolutely love what Zen does with Pinball. And with everything old new again, there is really no surprise that pinball will get popular at least digitally, especially obviously with big names like Star Swars and whatever else you fine folks have up your sleeves. Reach for the sky Zen, I'll be right by your side helping you like a true friend would!!
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      Good Article.. Thank you! May I recommend:

      "Special When Lit". It's a documentary on Pinball and Pinball Enthusiasts. It's available for streaming on Netflix.

      While there were a few slow parts and a couple of weird people, it's a must see for Pinball fans.. I especially liked seeing the designer interviews. It was interesting to see how many of my favorites were designed by the same person, Steve Ritchie.. Firepower, High Speed, Black Knight, Star Trek TNG, the man came up with some brilliant innovations.