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    Ok, let's face it pinball folk, the Joker is the coolest supervillian in the comic book universe, hands down period no ifs ands or buts. I don't know much about Marvel, does Marvel even have a Joker??? I guess it'd be Deadpool. He's cool, but definitely not Joker. Do you have any comments or opinions on this topic? Feel free to totally disagree with me. Who is the coolest Supervillian in the Marvel universe? The guy at the end of the Avengers movie right? I even forget his name right now,lol, it's on the tip of my tongue though. I hope all my pinball brethren have a great day.
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    Thanos? The City Is My Church


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      Best villian; Joker is cool but for me villains like Thanos, Darkseid etc. to me have more of that inspiring villainy.

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        Nice. I just bought a Darkseid button for my bookbag, underneath his face, it says, NEEDS A HUG. The City Is My Church