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A music composing pinball table, throwing an idea.

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  • A music composing pinball table, throwing an idea.

    As I posted an idea for a new table on the steamforum, I thought why not post it here as well. xD

    I'd love to have a music composing table, where you basically create all different kinds of music compositions each play different. A mix of choice and surprise , and ofcourse timing is of the essence.
    With the aspects of the music production.

    Jazz - Funk - Acid - Jazzrock - Bossa novas and many more possibilities.
    Creating beats , adding basslines , horn sections. Getting musicians in your studio.
    Keeping a groove alive, well you name it.

    Ofcourse reaching for fame and getting that rich master quality sound and a big live audience for heavy scoring.

    Any good idea in the hands of zen studio, can turn out to be really good I believe.

    I'm crossing my fingers for this musical one.
    As I love to be able to pick up an instrument and jam along