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    I didnt see a forum section for suggestions, so I figure General is a good a place as any These are all for Zen / Pinball FX2.

    1) Sync of scores between all platform versions of a table (via some kind of Zen account?). Maybe not feasible due to rule/scoring variations, but I'd love to be able to keep my high scores running between X360, android, PC (Steam), etc. Even if the scores were only local to my account (like a little visual addon) rather than actually included in the real score table, that would be a nice addition.

    2) a discount for owners of the same tables across various platforms. Owning on PS3, X360, Android, and now Steam, as much as I love this game I hate paying for the same thing 3x over. That could be somehow accomplished with the above mentioned Zen account?

    3) screen rotate option for X360 / console versions - turn your HDTV sideways for full table mode!

    4) patch in all the new VIEW settings to the older tables. Ex, View 7 on the newer tables seems to be the best to me for playing in landscape (esp X360), but unfortunately none of the old tables have that view. Would it be hard to patch it in?