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  • Multiplayer pinball concepts

    (As I posted in the steamforum, I decided to open a thread here as well)

    I kindly ask to consider some interesting multiplayer concepts for future pinball fx tables on all platforms.

    There is not a really spectacular thing to do with these tables in multiplayer to compete with your friends in real-time So..

    If only, a new kind of table could be introduced as a multiplayer special (and AI for single player or even co-op. play). That would open up a whole new flippergame experience and perspective. Think for example of a war-RTS table in a stylish themed setting for example, where you build defenses and attack directly your head-to-head opponent while defending against incoming virtual missiles, aircraft, tanks.
    Even certain ramps could be interconnecting to the other table to corrupt the other players game with charged explosive pinballs. All up to Zen's creativity, it could be a very interesting game. High-score calculation could be difficult for leaderboards, but still possible with statistics of wins and losses against opponents.

    If you would place 2 mechanical pinballmachines against eachother on one axis, you would get the picture quite quickly. It's not far fetched at all. It's up to the designer/engineer thinking outside the box to come up with a great design.
    Whatever your thoughts about it, I'm in for new experiences alongside the wonderful collection we have now and to be introduced in the future. I have my hopes...

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